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Hey! I have a question and I wasn’t sure where to ask it.
Anyway, if I want to create a thread for read for read services (similar to ones I found on here) what exact category should it be under and are there any vital guidelines concerning that type/wattpad services generally?
thank you!


You can make a thread here #story-services:critiques-and-feedback.

Also don’t mention votes in any way. Vote trading is not allowed.


Thank you!!


how do you enter topics?


You just open them :slight_smile:


Thx, im new


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

You can read this thread for more info-


i have, i just didnt know what it meant.


I’m always here and if you have any questions, please ask :slight_smile: You can also ask here-


THANK YOU! that will be so helpful! :relieved:


just to get a badge :smiley:


thank you, @Nablai.


I LOVE WATTPAD (or as @sierra0925 says, what cat)


How do you close topics/threads? I want to close one of mine and I just can’t figure it out.


You ask a mod to close your topic/thread here-




Do you have a question?


what is the green check mark that is by a user name on wattpad and how do you get it ?


@DHwritezRabbit Do you mean this colour- ? Can you please clarify?