A guide to the new threads


yes …that one also and the green one


@DHwritezRabbit You can read this article for more info- https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/200773154-Verified-Users

A green check mark :white_check_mark: means that a story is completed. Like this-




Are you talking about a check mark like the one on my profile?

That mark is on profiles of Ambassadors. Ambassadors are a group of volunteers that help Wattpad!

If that’s not the mark you’re referring to and you’re on the profile, and it is next to the persons username, you can usually hover over the icon to see what it means.

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He/she was talking about the verified badge




Hiya, I removed your other post as it did not suit the thread topic.
Thanks for your understanding,

Lina - Community Ambassador


Hi my name has a 1 at the end what do you think I should do now I still have guitar man on thread not on book file and not to sure about link for my story have no idea thanks and bye for now


The “1” is part of your username, so Idk what you mean.
You can change your username if you want the “1” gone.

The other 2 or 3 questions I didn’t understand, so please can you maybe ask again?


Hi I just opened a guide to new threads, and read if you have a 1 in your user name their is a problem with email, I keep coming in at the wrong part of thread I new and struggling a bit I’m not to good on computer just learning from scratch thanks for getting back to me


yeah but in your case its part of your real username.
If for example I had the problem with the “1” my username would be “matzeztam1”

Its ok. If you have any more questions just ask and I will try to help you then.


Hello, according to your profile, your wattpad username is gilaGAIL - https://www.wattpad.com/user/gilaGAIL/

the problem with the 1 after the username would be if your username was “gilaGAIL1”

Your current problem seems to be that you’re showing up as “user83442841” which is an entirely different problem.

I would suggest asking about it in the ambassador thread cause they can probably find someone to help you: Ask the Ambassadors Anything or by messaging If you got a new account name when you logged in the OP of this thread on the main site. he seems to be the one to go to with syncing the accounts

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Thanks a lot makes sense I’m a bit jumpy hope we can chat again its getting a bit late nice to her from you and bye for now I’m ok with late so no worries


Hello and thanks a million, I think this is my mistake as I get nervous and make a lot of mistakes loads in fact thanks again for pointing the problem out to me I have gilagail on my story page this is the name I would like and thanks so very much bye for now


You can PM @cpoirier on Wattpad if you have a problem with your username :slight_smile:


Hi and thanks a lot I will do so now happy days


Hey @user83442841
Your username on wattpad is also @user83442841
GilaGail is only the “full name” you have setted on your account.

To change your username go to your settings

then open “account settings”

Then you see this

Just click on it and change the name to your wanted username.

Hope this helps. Have a nice day


Your Marvellous, thank you so very much Happy Days


Hi again, the problem is with me I have texted gilaGail only profile Letterbyowl kindly pointed this out to me, Thank you very much dearest whatties


Hi I am very impressed with what you just did, words fail me awesome and wow that’s good etc just don’t seem to cut it so very impressed is the best thanks a lot dear whattie happy days