A Joke a day keeps the depression away...the old saying haha


there is nothing like a good laugh…
the funny thing about laughter is that its genioun…you can’t fake a laugh…you can try it but people will see through you…so, have a good laugh…will do you good
share something funny


A poor Englishman worked his whole life to educate his only daughter born from a birth that left him
a widower. With a very meager salary he saved hard to give the girl a decent education and had her
entered in one of the best schools in the country.
At the end of the year he went to pick up his daughter at the railway station.
”Tell me all your news, darling,” he asked his daughter.
”Dad,” said the girl, ”you always trusted me so I want to tell you that during this last semester I lost
my virginitude. ”

”Nooo!” says the father desperately. ”I can’t believe it. After all the sacrifices that I made to put you
in the best school in the country, you can’t even tell me this news in proper English?


My life is the biggest joke


not a bigger joke than mine


in what way…we don’t know you… in terms of failures and stuff ? maybe some jokes can cheer you up a little…you might even laugh

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titwe is unyaccuwate

i am awweady consumed by depwession yet use jokes to ignyowe my pwobwems uwu



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Fite me


The triplets were talking while waiting inside their mother’s womb. The baby located furthest inside
said, ”When I grow up I want to be a doctor. I want to care for those people in worse positions than
The baby in the middle said, ”I want to be an engineer a master of balance.”
”I want to be a detective,” said the baby closest to the outside world.
”A detective?” chorused the other two babies.
”Yes, so I can discover who it is that comes and pushes me about every evening!”


square up

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this topic is to have a laugh not to talk about one’s depression or your misery or fite…haha


Weird flex but okay


I think, you’re in the wrong topic or you don’t understand what the topic says
maybe read something else


wEirD fLeX bUt OkAy



How dare you say those words you say with your finger words?


fight me

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A rough-looking building worker entered a bank in an expensive part of town and was received at
the counter with some distaste by a rather prim and proper female bank clerk.
”Good morning, sir. In what way may I be of service to you?”
”I want to open an account and get a fucking checkbook with it,” stated the laborer.
”I beg your pardon?” answered the lady indignantly.
”I said I wanted an account with a fucking checkbook! ”
”If you insist upon using such language while addressing me,” announced the flustered lady, ”I will
have to summon the manager who will have you ejected!”
Looking impatient the laborer repeated, ”Just give me an account with a fucking checkbook. I haven’t
got all day! ”
The distressed lady called the manager and described the man’s behavior. Taking on a commanding
air of authority the manager told Miss Hopkins not to worry, he would deal with the matter. He then
approached the worker . . .
”I am sorry, my good man, but I am afraid Miss Hopkins finds your manner offensive. I must request
you to leave our bank premises immediately.”
The laborer replied, ”Look, bozo, it is simple! I have just won two hundred and fifty thousand pounds
on a National Lottery and I want to open an account with a fucking checkbook!”
”Well,” replied the manager, ”don’t just sit there like an old cow, Miss Hopkins. Get the gentleman an
account with a fucking checkbook!”


Oh man. There was a time when I knew plenty.

But it’s true what they say. Laughter extends you lifetime :wink:

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I love classic jokes
Son: Dad, what is an alcoholic?
Dad: Do you see these 4 trees, son? An alcoholic would say there are 8.
Son: But dad! There are 2 trees!


nice one hahaha made me laugh, thank you

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