A journey of every author in a realm of the enchanted

Greetings writers (And readers, you are also welcome) Are you a successful fantasy author who caught reader’s attention with driven story-telling and magical characters brought to life in their imagination? Or are you just a rookie who started out writing one to make n enchanted story to tell and wait what is to come. We all have stories on how we start and how we came to be. What is the reason you write fantasy? What motivates you? What put you through to make this far?

Allow me to share mine,
I wasn’t a writer nor a reader before. Usually I play video games, watch action movies, draw characters, role-play, make comics, and anime. Until my elder sister told me “Hey, you should read.” And I did try reading when we went into National Bookstore. At first, I wasn’t quite adapted through “words in papers” , but the half of the book, I didn’t even realize how exciting I was every time I read something. Then, through her, I discovered wattpad, where I saw her making her story. And then I thought, “Yeah, since I love making stories too. I should become a member in wattpad.” And then I did became one. I thought of what genre am I gonna apply in my story, then I recalled what I really enjoyed the most: fantasy- a realm of the imagination, creativity, mystique, and inspiration. Thanks to video games (Mostly rpg), “The Flash warrior series” Is born. I was such a rookie, I kept writing and writing until someone finally helped me to set the details right. Lol. And because of that, I became a better writer. As an author, I planned only to make The Flash warrior series because with such explosive ingredients, there is a universe behind of what I had created. This project is MASSIVE and hopefully it could inspire others in the disenchantment world. So yeah, basically I became a fantasy author because of reading and video games, especially coming from the classic fairy-tales that ignite our spirits with wonders. It is a challenge for me to be here in wattpad. But someday, I dream to be big.

What about you? Share your story. NOTE: If you wish to be respected, respect others as well

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I came to wattpad to meet other people who were interested in writing and have more content to read without having to go and pay for it…

Then I spent most of my time on the chat threads becuz I am lonely :frowning:

I hope you achieve that dream! Wattpad is definitely a great tool to improve your writing, and also a great place for encouragement too.

My love of writing came from reading more thing anything else. As a kid I’d always make up these epic games of pretend where I was fighting bad guys and trying to save the world. Most of that came from a wild imagination and a love of cartoons. Then when I discovered my love of reading, writing followed not long after.

I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to reading and it was actually a succession of great fantasy books that hooked me. I love all kinds of genres, but fantasy is still by far my favourite.

Now I actually write full time in my day job (not books) and it’s awesome that this is something I’ve been able to make a career out of (okay technically I’ve been out of university for like 4 months so career might be a strong way to put it), but I’ve still got all of these crazy stories in my head. I’ll be happy if I get to spend the rest of my life writing them down.

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Well, you don’t have to lonely

You go fellow writer :metal:

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