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All of the misconceptions of marketing on social media really makes me want to make a blog post about it.

There are so many great ways to do it.


I’m super introverted too. But goddammit, if it works I have to get over my shyness. Not to mention, the people who’ve commented back on it, giving me feedback or commented on how nice it that I’m so interactive with my followers.

So the more active I am, the more active my readers are, in my experience :slight_smile:


It seems like writers that take that first step to communicate with readers help break the ice and make people more comfortable with interacting.


If you have any tips, @MakaylaSophia, I’d definitely read that topic.


I gave up thanking everyone who followed me a while ago just because I do know I get a lot of follow for the sake of follow accounts.

But I will respond to every comment I get (unless I don’t see it or it’s one user making multiple comments. With the latter I’ll pick and choose) The past couple days I was having a conversation with a bing reader on my new adult chick lit. I figure if they take the time to actually comment,it deserves my time to respond.

I think something as simple as that will go a long way to attracting more readers who might decide not to be silent readers. It helps ease some of the tension they might have with being a vocal reader. For some readers the idea of getting to interact with the author is still a new concept.


Definitely. Which is nice! I like that about Wattpad.

Also, mentioning in an intro chapter that I’m very open to critiques has garnered some attention too - either people who have started critiquing, or are just commenting on how it’s nice that if they have feedback, I won’t bite their heads off for posting it. So I can recommend doing that too :smile:


I get those too lol - but I’ve noticed after I started thanking people and mentioning I don’t do the whole follow4follow thing in my bio, I’ve had a lot less unfollows. Before I could get 15 followers a week, where maybe 6 would unfollow within the same week.

Yes exactly! I try to reply to all comments - because people check out other people’s comments. So if there’s no reply on the comment they happen to check, then they might get an idea that I don’t reply to comments. So, to be safe, I reply to all comments.

This! :arrow_double_up:


That’s something I haven’t seen suggested before. Thanks for the tip!


You’re welcome :smile:

Also check #ProjectReadersReact - it’s a movement for authors to combat the bad attitudes there is against critics on Wattpad. It’s super!


I’ll check it out!



There are people with thousands of followers and readers that can’t get their readers to talk, and there are people with decent stats that have very talkative readers.

Making yourself accessible and reaching out really helps with engagement rates.


I’m one who has very few vocal readers. But the ones I do have I make sure they know I appreciate them.

It was funny because my friend and I share a reader base. Yet she’d get them all to talk in her books but when they read mine they were silent. Drove me nuts for a while :laughing: But at the end of the day at least they’re reading vocal or silent, they’re reading.


I only started to talk to my readers within this year, I think. At first, it was hard to get them to talk, but sooner or later some of them opened up. :slight_smile:

I remember back in say 2014 - 2017 where people would freak out if I replied to a comment. Now it’s normal, and if anyone really needs my attention they just tag me. I like having close relations with them!

Though, some silent readers drive me mad. I have this one reader that votes on everything I post, and follows me on social media. She’s one of my earlier readers, from back when I used to have 3 votes per chapter, BUT she’s only ever commented once. :rofl: It is what it is I guess.


I still love when people freak out when I reply to them :joy:

Especially when like half of the comments on my books are from me.



Me: comments laugh emoji in response


It was very funny.


Reader: asks question

Me: answers.

Reader: You replied… And fast! Omg!

It’s so heartwarming :heart:


It is! :smiley:

I feel that a good number of readers are willing to engage, and it’s just that they assume that they’re speaking into a void.


Especially the bigger your books are and amount of followers you get. In the beginning no one was surprised I replied - it’s not until recently they freak out when I reply to them.


Can you elaborate on this please because I am highly considering starting a Twitter as a writer but I dearly want to avoid ‘stan twitter’ or any of the other controversial groups known to rally drama.


Well I could probably use some educating. I’m not big on social media, but I don’t think I’d mind using at least Twitter for purpose of growing a readership or something.