A Magic Wand for Notifications...



Hi all!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about notifications and the various ways that readers and writers on Wattpad use them on the app and web. So, here’s my question:

If you had a magic wand and could change/add to anything about Wattpad notifications (on the apps or web), what would it be?


Dunno if this counts, but. Opting out of certain users announcements without unfollowing them.


I second that, it’s bothers me so much when I see notifications and it’s only from other users posting on their announcements.


I’d create an option to mute them during certain hours.


Yes, this is something I was going to suggest. This will make it a lot easier to still follow people but not get useless announcements.


Also, for the website at least, it’d be nice to see a notification pop up in vivo without having to refresh the page every ten minutes to see if you have a new notification.


I think it would be great if notifications could be separated into categories, like one tab for comments and replies, one for announcements, followers, and one for story updates (or something like that) so you’d have the option to filter and view different kind of notifications.
Does that make sense? I hope I managed to explain it coherently :slight_smile:


this is a wonderful idea!!!


This was going to be my suggestion. I have other apps where things like likes (or votes) and follows are in one tab, and more interactive notifications like comments and message board posts are in a different tab. This would be ideal so that I could easily filter out the things I can’t really interact with and focus on responding to actual comments and messages.

(Psst @PebbleQueen :point_up:t2: look who it is)


I want to build on this, too.

Can we also get a filter by date?

I don’t like how super old notifications just… disappear.

It gets super hard if you get several hundred notifications to go through.


I wish that if a user voted on several story parts at once then it would be one notification section that you could expand, like on the newsfeed.


I second this as well. Basically anything to bring down the number of lines in our notification lists so it’s easier to find notifications we wish to respond to.


Its been said in here already but I’d just like to echo another vote for turning some things on and off. I’d love to get notifications for comments, but not for votes for example.


How far back would you want to go when looking at old notifications?


I think going as far back as a month is reasonable.

When notifications get in the triple digits, it gets really hard to sort through.

Maybe even being able to star certain notifications (like a comment) to remember to reply to those would be useful. Then, once a user has taken care of it, they can remove the star status from that notification.


This. This so much.

It would be a lot easier to find comments to respond to if they weren’t buried under votes, library adds, and peoples announcements that I follow. I’m very bad about clicking the follow button because I either just plum forget to go their profile to do it, think I already did it when I didn’t, or I’m just too lazy to do it so I don’t follow a lot of people. But even I sometimes struggle to find reader comments within all my other notifications between the announcements and user interaction.

Also fixing the glitch where if someone posts on my message board it doesn’t actually go to the comment. It says it does, but it just stays on the notification page so I end up having to manually go to my MB (or another users MB if it’s a response to something I commented on on their MB)


I’d separate comments, announcements, votes, follows and reading list adds into their own little tabs. It’d be so much easier to find comments and reply to them, if they weren’t drowning in all the other notifications.

Or collaps them. So if one reader voted for ALL the chapters in one book, instead of showing each notification individually it’d show up as “UserX voted for 34 chapters in Generic Book Title”

Thanks for taking the time, btw :smile:

(Ooph, I need to read the thread before replying. Everything @AnnieRosebud said!)


We’ve been asking for this since before the new notification system was introduced. Kind of surprised they haven’t made this an option yet.



It’s so tiring to see 10 notifs in the morning, think they’re story activity and they turn out to be broadcasts.


A possibility for an extra tab just for comments. The notification lines is okay the way it is since it gives a feel of how many people have voted among the comments so that you don’t forget about the votes entirely, but sometimes it’s hard to find the comments among them.