A Month With You


I’ve had a concept brewing for a few months, and almost started writing it for the ONC, before dismissing the idea for lack of inspiration.

Would you be as kind as to provide feedback, please?

After yet another arse faking his interest to get her in his bed, Chenda gives up on internet dating.
Her friend enjoins Chenda to try a new, innovative app. Through brain mapping of all users, they brag 100% successful matching. There is only condition: do not meet each other for the first month. They can chat, but that’s about it.
Chenda is matched with Sam, and develop feelings as they get acquainted.
Once the time is up, they plan a date. When Chenda scrutinizes the window shop, a surprise awaits her: Sam is a woman.

Intended audience:


30 chapters (one for each day of the month, consisting of text messages)

Major plotlines/arcs to conclusion:
The main character develops feelings for a person without realizing they are of the same gender.

Any notes or unique things to highlight:

  • Could have a sequel, A Year With You, following Chenda as she comes to term with her sexuality. I would abandon the text-message format.
  • The app will filter messages to prevent users from exchanging private information and meeting before the due date.
  • Chenda is 32-year-old, from Asian origin. Sam is a 28-year-old Black American woman.
  • I will need extensive research on the subject of sexual identity (cannot write from experience).

Hey there!

Unfortunately this isn’t really a summary I can evaluate. A summary needs to be the entire story, beginning, middle, and end, including spoilers, so that it can be fully evaluated.

If you update it to include that, re-ping me and I’ll come by.


Arf. I’m a pantser: this summary is all I got!
But thank you for your time.