A Never-Ending Story

Alright, this game is a common one. This forum is one big story made up of individual comments that continue where others left off. Have fun!

I’ll start off with:

It was a dark and stormy night and the branches of trees scratched at the dirty windows.

Ella was going to read a book.

She was going to. But something scraped at the window and it wasn’t a tree branch.

“What was that?” asked Ella.

Sitting the book down, and grabbing her baseball bat, Ella went to see what was at her window.

There she could see a shadow with a strange shape.

Ella walk to the window and looked outside.

She realized it was a bad idea to wear dark sunglasses at night, and bumped her head against the glass.


Ella took them off and she got up.

She opened the window letting in the storm to see what was there.

Ella saw a cat outside.
“Uh? It’s just a cat.” said Ella.

But it was not just any cat. It was a tiger!

“A tiger!” said Ella.

“A girl!” said the Tiger.

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“Wait a minute! You can talk?” asked Ella.

“Of course I speak, you hairless ape.” replied the animal indignantly.

“Hey!” yelled Ella. “What do you think you are?”

“A being of superior intelligence.” continued insulting the talking tiger.

“Do you have a name?” asked Ella.

“I’m famous here by trigger,” the tiger walked closer.