A new science fiction horror story. Ideas?

I am planning on writing a Star Trek horror story but I have no ideas right now. Does anyone have any horror/space ideas (doesn’t need to be Star Trek related.) to share with me? If you do please tell me. That would be a great help. Thanks! :vulcan_salute:

A great idea is usually the starting place.
Maybe consider why you want to write and what idea do you want to convey.
The space horror stories that i’ve enjoyed have been the movies Event Horizon and Alien.

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Thanks for the advice! I was think of a story based off Aliens also and with the main computer trying to kill everyone. (Based on a Star Trek Voyager episode: Haunting of Deck 12.) But then I thought maybe there wasn’t enough horror in that idea.:slightly_smiling_face:

What attracts you to writing such a story?

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I am not sure. I never thought about it before.

There are several alien/horror movies. I haven’t watched them, but my friends keep talking about them. You can look them up.

I think the concepts are usually about invincible aliens invading the human race. What if aggressive aliens can regenerate so fast they cannot be killed through human ways? What if aliens don’t necessarily have shapes and, instead, can live inside humans and mind control them?

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That is a great idea! Thanks so much!

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I think the isolation of space works well for horror. It’s extremely frightening to be trapped and isolated with some sort of monster. This also works with ocean ships and Arctic exploration. Dan Simmons handles it will in his historical, sci-fi, horror novel The Terror. This tells of the historical 19th century Franklin Expedition where everyone on the expedient died after eating each other. Simmons added a monster lurking in the ice.

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Starting with why you are writing can be a good way to narrow down ideas. If you don’t know, keeping a journal can be helpful. Pay attention to dreams and to what you like and dislike. Beware though if you do this, you might not end up writing sci-fi horror. You might not end up writing novels at all.

In Star Trek Voyager, the crew are lost 75 years from Earth and any help from people they trust. I suppose isolation in Space would work in that sense. I would have to set it between season 1 and 3 though. (In seasons 4 to 7, they were able to gain limited contact with Starfleet.)