A Paid Stories Update on The Wattys

Welcome back to a Paid Update, which haven’t happened much since the program has mostly stabilized (fun fact, we’re available in all of Spanish-speaking Latin America because countries continue to be added).

However, the Wattys announcement today creates an obvious contradiction to something I’ve expressed previously here, in updates, all over the place. As per my prior words, Paid Stories would not be eligible for the Wattys. Now, they are (sort of).

Originally, we decided against Paid Stories joining in the Wattys at the time of the Beta. The Wattys are about recognition and discovery, and Paid Stories are clearly already recognized by Wattpad and discovered.

Conversely, Paid Stories authors are still very much a part of the community, and we don’t want to create a case where they’re not allowed to take part in the natural Wattpad community. The Wattys is also an opportunity for new writers to showcase their content to Paid Stories, so it’s weird for people to be able to take part in this thing that leads to them not being able to take part in it.

Both sides have a compelling argument. These stories already are recognized but authors shouldn’t feel removed from the community because they still very much are. And hence, the final result: Paid Stories can participate in the Wattys, but they can only win the Paid Stories Awards, which were additional awards set aside for them.

So, if we were going to give out an example 50 total awards, we wouldn’t take away some of those and give them to Paid, we instead added additional awards on top of all the community ones. In this way, users can participate in the Wattys, win a Watty, maybe join Paid Stories, and not feel like they’ve been permanently blocked from participating in the biggest event of the community by doing so.

I wanted to post this largely to show the thought process we went through here and to of course acknowledge we definitely did say one thing and then change to another months later. I don’t want anyone feeling confused or doubt their own memory there.

If you have any questions about this and Paid (but not Wattys cause that’s not me) I will answer them as always. But again, can’t answer Wattys questions cause that’s not me.


So basically just a Watty’s competition for just the Paid stories?

They’re already promoted everywhere, what more will this do for them? Doesn’t seem more community inclusive, just an extra award for the already top stories.


Yes, but at least they won’t be taking awards away from anyone else, see? So it’s a good thing, really. Yay, whoever does Wattys! (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭‧˚₊̥✧


Correct that is one half of the debate on this subject and why they originally weren’t a part of the wattys since they don’t align with discovery and recognition.


That is a plus!


The Wattys book mentioned 5 winner spots set aside for Paid Stories. Does this mean that there are 55 winner spots for non-Paid and 5 for Paid, or that there are 60 winner spots, but Paid Stories can only win up to 5 of them? Would these 5 extra winner spots be redistributed to non-Paid winners if Paid Stories don’t win/not enough are entered?


I agree with that half, but yay to the future winner of the PS Watty’s.


There’s 5 additional spots, they would take no spots from the wattys ones and compete among themselves. There would not be a redistribution if we didn’t have enough but won’t be a problem.

If any are watching, they’re freaking out over this because they were not informed until now and thought they wouldn’t be allowed to participate so they can tell you how they feel there


Yes, that is a good plan! Y’all got this down. Let’s see how it roles.


An award category specifically to recognize paid stories seemed like the best solution to me. I’m glad that’s what HQ ended up going with.


Yes, let’s give more recognize to authors who already have plenty. They are already getting book deals, tv deals, movie deals, let’s throw them awards too. It doesnt make sense to me. The Wattys has always been about recognizing authors who arent well known and whose life would change from this award…


They’re not competing against non-Paid writers, there are just additional awards for them. So yeah, it’s more recognition for an already-recognized group, but it doesn’t take away from the rest of us any.


The confusion among us was very real! :laughing:


It’s an exclusive award for those in the Paid Stories program with the inclusiveness of the Wattys :slight_smile:


That’s not really how it works. I have not won anything - I haven’t even been featured before getting invited into PS, and that’s the only “deal” I’ve been offered. :blush:


Not completely related, but I’m curious. Did you add the form you also use for featuring to weed out the people who don’t want to put effort in, and thus most likely do not put effort into their stories? Because I have a feeling there’ll be at least a few thousand less entries due to this - not that I mind, since I spent the time to fill it out completely.


I’m personally really happy that the Paid Stories get the chance to win awards too. I think that those authors are doing a grand job writing quality content, and deserve to get the chance to win an award based on their content and their commitment to the site.


Nick can’t answer that. You’ll have to contact the people behind the Wattys: https://www.wattpad.com/user/TheWattys


He can speak to them at work, though. I doubt a big account like that will reply to me. They most likely have thousands of PMs a day, and tens of thousands of notifs from comments, votes, and reading list adds.

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In a generic sense of the intention of a form, yes, a part of it is also to evaluate how seriously someone is taking their story.

That’s something we’ve known for a long time, back to the very old featuring applications like 5 years ago, we would get plenty of jokey ones or half-trying ones so we had to add more required fields to eliminate those not taking it seriously or else we end up eating up valuable time on stuff. You can see that in the wattys tag too. When it’s super easy to join we had books called like “Don’t Read This” that were empty inside with the Wattys tag and we have to take time to go open and judge them so you get the idea.