A Peasant Queen (Low Key Fantasy)

Summery: A peasant girl is selected by a women of high court to impersonate a queen as they look so much alike. The queen was a princess who ran away with her lover. As the noble lady was in charge of keeping the princess in line and failed. (The princess was married to the King to prevent a war.) To avoid being punished, she takes the peasant girl and trains her for six months to impersonate the queen while she tracks down the real princess/queen. Stuff ensues.

This is a low Key Fantasy. People use lizards instead of horses and cows. (They get milk from goats.) Doctors are called magicians and there are flying snakes in the mountains that breath fire. But nothing major major. (Yet.) Probably for older teens, just cause it discusses heavy topics. But I’d want adults to be able to enjoy it as well. I probably want it to be 30-40k words, but the first draft I’m just doing 20k.

Plots points: Of course she falls in love with the King. But she’s doing her best to imitate a spoiled princess. The King turns out to be sickly and weak. He’s still mentally fine but he can’t walk for long on his own, and any vigorous exercise causes him to have fits and to collapse. She finds out that he’s being poisoned, (She’s a healer so she knows how to identify poisons as well as antidotes.) she also finds out that his ministers are tricking him into thinking he’s running to the kingdom, so they are the ones really in charge. Eventually she decides to undo all this. I’ll probably have the princess return on her own, (Her lover probably abandoned her once he realized how much trouble she was.) and wants her spot back. The kings gonna find out, and BETRAYAL etc etc etc. Because he’s really come to love my character, since she’s actually a nice person, he’s in a lot of conflict.

Oof. I just want general feedback and what I can do to improve the whole idea. Feel free to ask questions. Basically I want it to be as plausible as possible, (Ie. The kings notices little cracks in her personality, and tries to draw them out since he wants to make this marriage work. But it takes a year and a half before every crashes and burns.)
I also want this story to not be a hot rich dude meets true love forever story. She’s not going to fall into his arms and kiss him passionately in three seconds.
He’s not going to abuse her, he’s just a nice dude trying to be a good king when he can’t even run down a corridor without fear of fainting. She’s just a peasant girl trying desperately not to be discovered while trying to protect the ill king from his advisers while still not being discovered. Stuff that like. Thanks!

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Hey there!

This is a plot summary, more of a collection of possible ideas for a plot or some future story. You can look to the other examples in here for what a complete story summary looks like, if you’re more in the development phase though and just don’t know you can poke around other spaces across the forums to help develop your ideas and when you’re ready come here with your pitch.

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