A Place For New Writers To Chat



Hello everyone!

Here at NewlyWrittenBooks we thought the best way to get to know everyone is to start a topic where writers can talk about anything and everything! From your characters to struggling late at night with a chapter, we’re here to help you along the way while making friends!

So, to start this off, what’s your favorite genre to write?


Definitely LGBT genre. I love to read and write the stuff, but mostly read and I hoover up books i like :wink:


My favorite Genre to write is Drama.


That’s awesome! What’s your favorite thing about the LGBT genre?


Wonderful! Drama is always fun to write, especially seeing the readers reactions. Why’s it your favorite?


So hard to narrow it down. I like the triumph of love, across boarders, cultures, gender. I appreciate the drama of the struggle. Just so many aspects to a great story.


It’s my favorite because I get to see what the characters go through like we go through.


I haven’t settled into one genre or another. I’ve publish fanfiction and something I finally decided was adventure (but is also romance). I’ve got a low fantasy (I think that’s what it’s called) in the works, as well as a couple of sci-fi. So, who knows?


My favorite genre to write is romance/teen fiction because when I get my ear buds in I can just write for hours and even when my eyes can’t take anymore I find myself unable to stop thinking about what will happen next!


My favorite genre to write and read is, by far, Fantasy. It’s so fun to read a book and get lost in all the worlds and characters.


Hey everyone! I love reading and writing horror books! I’ve been writing for about a year now and I still learn new things daily!


Hi, I like to write poetry and fantasy stories!


So, a question: You’re writing a sequel that picking up exactly where the original stopped. How much information do you embed into the new book? Meaning, how much of the back story to you think is necessary? I don’t want to rebuild the world, but I also think that some info should be restated.

Or, should I just stick it all into a summary and hope the reader reads that first?


I enjoy writing pretty much anything. These days I’ve been giving fanfiction a go, but I always find myself creating my own plot in the end. Writing horror/thriller books is definitely a passion of mine, though.


Plunge in lol. We catch up like valiant readers or get lost!

In all seriousness, I would put it in the summary and maybe devote a handful of lines in the first chapter but don’t worry too much about it.


Hey everyone! I write mainly fantasy but I dabble in action and sci fi too!


Yeah! Take that you…you… reader!

This is pretty much what I decided to do. If I were reading, it’s what I’d appreciate.


Hello everyone, I’ve been on wattpad for about three years now. I took my main story down for a rewrite a few weeks ago and hope to get it back up in about a week.

I just started a new story last week and am currently on chapter five right now.


Main genre? Fanfiction, but I’m now branching out into more original ideas


Main genre, sci fi, but my new work is fantasy.