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I honestly don’t really know if I fit here because I never give my story to a pure romance plot and only write very clean romance (such as can be found on the shelves of bookstores in the kids sections). XD

Oh well. here I am.


I’m writing a romance/teen fictiony book right now but it’s not at the forefront of the book and I don’t think all romance books have to be in your face about it .


XD saaame even though my story’s genre is romance, kissing is the only romance I can write without making my mind bleed lol


@Poundcake93 Yeah I definitely agree there. It can be very difficult sometimes
@make_a_wish071 Ahhh nicee! Hopefully you will soon! And hi!
@ReyenaScarr Haha nice! Those all sound awesome, and welcome to the thread!
@FZrnICeyKye Welcome! Adventure sounds like a fun genre, I’ve never written adventure
@Anime121 Nice nice, I have never written those!


@make_a_wish071 @ReyenaScarr Just because it romance doesn’t mean it has to have mature content
I’ve read many books that only have kissing in them and there still good just as good as the ones that do have mature content.


Haha right! Hopefully mine will be too^•^


As long as you love what your writing the it will be good .


Thank you! I definitely love the story I am writing because it all comes right from my heart :heart:


Your welcome.




I honestly can’t decide. I’d say it’s fantasy, but I haven’t really uploaded anything I’ve written of that genre on wattpad.


Ahh, what do you write on Wattpad?


Good morning all


Good morning! How are you?


I’m good, I’ve been rewriting Finding Darkness.

How are you?


Nice, how’s that going for you?

I’m doing pretty good. Just going through submissions on the profile right now haha


I’m rewriting the first few chapters to give it a different beginning.


Ooh that’s good!


I’m just reluctant to repost it. I guess I’m just frustrated, I keep reading everyone else talk about their readers and how they want them to do this or that. I have never had anyone like that. My story had over 8k reads and not once did I ave an actual reader that messaged me consistently


Sometimes it takes the right reader. I’m sure with that amount of reads, people love your story. A lot of them are silent readers though, it happens to everyone