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Not to every one. Like I said. I read about people talking about their stories with their readers all the time. I’ve been on this site for almost four years. I guess I’m not social enough.


Mine too, i love to read and write fantasy, mostly because i can just slip into another world for a short amount of time. :grin:


I love to write Fantasy stories, just because i can imagine anything into my story and nobody will judge me because its not realistic :relaxed:


I’ve had my story up for about a year and mainly get comments just from book clubs. It’s not an easy thing to achieve. Reading other people’s stories and being active is what sparks that.


I completely agree! I love Fantasy


Fantasy is by far my favorite genre. Reading and writing it is like a nice little escape from everyday life. It is also so versatile because fantasy can include romance and action as well.


So my favorite is definitely romance/teen fiction. My life may be boring, but my character’s life is not. I get to life vicariously through them.


Well I published my first six chapters of my Paranormal Romance story on my profile, so we will see how it goes. I’ve thought about deleting it a couple of times. Second guessing myself, and self doubt plague me a lot. That’s why I joined to try and venture out some, and hopefully this can be a learning experience for me. To help me grow =)


Oh I would have to say I agree. I love fantasy. I read it and write it all the time. It’s a great escape when you need to just get out of reality for a while.


That’s one thing I absolutely love about writing. You can make your characters any way you want, and live a whole other life through them.


Hey guys! I thought you weren’t a writer till you write a book. *I think I should leave and go try to do that now when I’m on chats Or maybe I shouldn’t…


I love writing thrillers, serial killers, I’m currently working on one story titled Confessions of a social phsyco stalker. I won’t reveal too much but if anyone wants to check it out and see what you think. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, Fantasy is great. It gives so many options

@cjm0516 That’s awesome!

@tilly_so_silly I can honestly tell you that if you interact on Wattpad you definitely will grow as a writer

@EjayOtaku We’re all writers!

@westytiger Ooh nice!






Ahmmm hello … i dont realy now how to use this wattpad acc. I am just a new member? or hahaha maybe writer?


But the genre i love is writing horror stories and love stories


I keep telling myself that I like so many different genres (slice of life, romance, drama), but I always come back to the mystery/thriller. It just feels so natural to me that a story’s parts would unwind and reveal themselves little by little, each new piece carrying the reader just long enough to make it to the next.


That’s my plan. I’m trying to get out of my shell more. To work through my self doubt, and hopefully I will learn and grow. =)


Hello, I am recently knew as well. I just joined last week. So I’m still getting used to it as well. Welcome =) I too like to write love stories, especially the paranormal kind.