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New writer here! I’ve been on Wattpad for about a week now :slight_smile: My current story is sort of a futuristic noir thriller, with some supernatural elements mixed in. In the future, I’d love to get into the post-apocalyptic genre, since that always seemed really fun to write~


I relate so much!! No matter what I try to write, somehow it always evolves into a mystery/thriller xD




Hi I’m a writer who just recently posted my story on wattpad. My favorite types of story to write would be anything that has to deal with anything that has romance.


@LovelySheeneYapLagam Hi! That’s interesting, I like to read horror but I couldn’t write it haha

@BlueJay325 Awesome!

@tillystephens You will definitely grow!

@FeverDreams1 That sounds pretty interesting!

@JadEdenia That’s cool! Romance is fun!


Thank you. I feel like I like writing romance because I’m trying to make myself beleive in love.


Hey. I am new Filipino writer


Hey. I am new Filipino writer😊


I love writing fantasy but then there are times I want to work on my teen fiction. It’s actually what I am struggling with at present.

When I am working on my fantasy book, I keep wanting to work on my teen fiction and when I start working on it, I keep getting ideas for my fantasy novel.


hi everyone


@JadEdenia Ah gotcha. Well, love is definitely there that’s for sure! Books are always better haha

@goodekZAMpol Hi there! What genre do you write?

@Badass_Saasha Haha I think that happens to everyone who juggles more than one story, to be honest! I’ve told myself to only work on one story due to that happening.

@lifeofdaffy Hey, how’s it going?

Also, we’re back with a new question this week! How long have all of you been writing?


I like to write in Paranormal genre.


Love story in paranormal genre…I am totally interested.


she is coming to get chu


Usually, I’m into Teen Fiction and some Mysteries/Thriller


I wish I could believe in it. Haha yeah books are better.


So glad there’s another me here! I just turned 28 and am yet to have the guts to publish anything!


Hi all! I am new to this website and am still figuring it all out. Am looking forward to talking writing, reading your writing and getting feedback on my own!


ive been writing since 6 months


Hello! I’m new to the Wattpad, been here for about two weeks. I love the romance and YA books. Started my own romance story about a week ago and it’s coming along nicely :slight_smile: Anyone else writing romance?