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It means Good Morning! :coffee:


@Azmavath Hi!

@RebeccaSalazar Haha yes. Good morning! :slight_smile:


How’s it going so far? Had your cup of morning java yet? I’m about to go get mine! Lol.


Oh, ATM it’s 10:37 PM


Hi @RebeccaSalazar


I absolutely love writing fantasy :heart_eyes:


Haha it’s going alright! I’m just about to get breakfast and coffee so yes almost! :joy:


Hi back! @goodekZAMpol


I love writing spiritual memoirs. And I love reading fantasy novels.


Ooh, that sounds lovely. Do you have any finished works or started publishing one part by part? :smile:


Ah nice, that’s cool!

@TalesWithTana Fantasy is great! I love how imaginative you can be with it!

@RebeccaSalazar Spiritual memoirs sound awesome too! I’ve never written one of those haha


This is the exact reason why I love it so much. The freedom in that gives me so much joy


Yes! It’s amazing that you can just escape everything and go to a completely different world if you want to haha


I already started writing one. I’m rewriting it though from the original version with a glossary of terms, places, creatures, alien cultures, and backgrounds because there’s a ton of information packed in one book. I’ve already written nearly the entire second novel too.


Facts. Writing is such a beautiful thing


Ooooh, I assume it is on Wattpad?


Yes, it is! It’s self expression, love, beauty, healing, adventures, and 'I’m-the-crazy-reader-you-didn’t-know-you-needed."


It certainly is :heart:


Add “Will-emotionally-torture-you-and-happy-at-the-same-time” and that’s me lol