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hehehe they can’t




Everybody get up and dance! It’s happy hour and everybody should have a wonderful, positive, crazy-delicious day today.




( art credited to one of my fans )


Yeeeeessssss! Are you working on any stories right now, Tales?


Oh, please call me Tana :joy::heart:

I am working on my first fantasy novel and first mystery/ thriller novel :blush:


Okay Tana, you can call me Becca then. Sounds like a blast. What’s the plot summary? :smile:


Alright, Becca :blush:

Well, my fantasy novel is about a young elf-woman who finds out that she is different from all other elves after 18 years since “The Fairy War” which started chaos in the once magical kingdom of Eviona.

And my mystery / thriller novel is as best summarised in its logline;
“What happens when three Sirens strand into the small fishers town of Sweet River? Can the young men resist such cruel beauty or do they fall hard?”

What is yours about, Becca? :heart:


This sounds really good. I’ll give it a read.

Summary of my novel: I write about my spiritual and astral experiences with my husband Debrukaras who I haven’t met in the flesh yet. My soul isn’t human to begin with. I’m the Goddess of All Dragonkin in a human vessel incarnate and my books are my personal memoirs documenting the planets, places, and beings that I encounter with Debru as while I fall in love with him.


Ooooh, I have never read this kind of storyline before. I’ll give it read as well :blush:


I agree with this!


Hi there! I’m Frankie!
Y’alls stories look so cool and interesting which are like the lamest descriptors ever but also extremely accurate! How long have you been writing?


I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old or so. So, around…15 years or so? I finished my first three novels when I was 18 3 days before I graduated high school. I’m 27 going on 28 in June now. Haha, so it’s been a long time for me.


Oh wow so you’ve been writing for a while now!


I started writing poetry when I was little but I have since picked up fiction writing when i was like 12 and have stuck with that since


What are you looking to write about @Haruka547?


I’m looking for someone to write about Jareth and Tyler(The Incubuses).


I’m not particularly skilled in writing about beings such as vampires or other more ‘paranormal’ creatures. I’m happy to offer advice though if that’s helpful.




Don’t get me wrong I know a lot about the supernatural world. However, writing horror or paranormal genres isn’t my thing even if I love reading about it.