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Thank you! Enjoying it so far, although there is a lot to learn in writing :slight_smile:

@JadEdenia , @make_a_wish071 Ooh! What kind of romance stories you’re writing?


My story was just added to the @newlywrittenbooks reading list!!!


Good for you!


Hey there! I’ve been writing a little over a year :slight_smile:

@Azmavath We’re glad to have put you on the list :smiley:


It’s a billionaire and arranged marriage romance^•^


An erotic or mature romance. I’m not quite sure how to lable it. It’s something I haven’t done before, but I am writing it to get out of my comfort zone.


probably both fiction and sci-fi, as there’s no real rules to either of them.


Ooh those can be fun to read.


Aww thank you^•^ I will publish it soon :smiley:


Getting out of your comfort zone is always good. That’s one of the reasons I joined this. To try to get out of mine.


When you do let me know I love to read those kinds of stories =)




I’m hoping it will be good. I’m not really a positive thinker. How has it been?


@JadEdenia It’s always good to think positive about your story. What are you writing about?


I’ve only been on here couple weeks, but i’m enjoying it. Feel like I’m learning more, and growing with my writing. Still afraid when i publish my work, but i’m doing it. How’s it going for you?


Hey there


I try but I’m too much of a pessimist at times. It’s a lesbian mature romance.


That’s good. I understand the feeling about being afraid to publish your own work. It feels personal and then you’re publishing it for the world to see.
It’s been pretty good so far. The community is amazing here. Writing hasn’t been too difficult but then I haven’t hit the tougher parts yet.


Me neither. But it’s a learning and growing experience. So hopefully we can grow from our experiences on here =)