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That is true. It’s a good chance to practice your writing. I feel like I’m finally seeing it now. I’m writing more for myself to see how I can grow as a writer.


I just got here and I’m already stressed out. Trying to understand the community and the niches are a pretty big culture shock. I’m much more used to sites like fanfiction(.)net and fictionpress(.)com.
How do you think your writing has been affected since you started on here?


that’s great! I sure will! :smiley:


My favorite genre is LGBT, specifically gay. I just find it adorable I guess :slight_smile:


My favorite genre is travel fiction, especially when it comes to pen pal mailing and adding the travelling atmosphere. I really do enjoy reading it, it feels like you are on a world wide tour!


Heyyy I’m back!


Good morning


Hello! How are you?


Ooh that’s awesome! It sounds like a lot of fun!

@goodekZAMpol Welcome back!

@Azmavath Good morning


Yes it is, there’s ot a cloud in the sky this morning!


That’s awesome!


It’s already night here.


It’s only 11:07 AM here.


It’s 9:08 PM here.


It’s 11:44 AM here.


It’s 12:05pm here.


I’m a part of a mature romance club if you’re interested in joining it. We’re looking for other people who like writing adult novels. We’d be happy to have you.




Hey there,

There is a Co-Writer section in the Story Services club where all Writing Buddy/Co-Writer requests are advertised and I’ve gone ahead and moved this there for you.

Thank you for your understanding

Katherine - Community Ambassador :katherinearlene:


Now It’s 12:05 AM.