A Place For New Writers To Chat



Hi…my favorite genre is mystery and romance.


I write romantic spiritually based memoirs. :smile_cat:




My favorite genres are sci fi and fantasy.


I don’t know why but I have huge respect for sci-fi and fantasy writers.
The amount of stuff you guys make up with your imagination is beyond my level to reach for my brain.


I’ve taken my main story down for a rewrite but I just started a fantasy story and have three chapters posted so far.


Oh…I would love to read it.


It’s entitled Of Dinosaurs and Dragons. I have it up on my page.


my favorite genre is kind of split. I love a good fantasy, but I still can’t seem to pull away from anything like a mystery/thriller.


I would love to join. It’s my first time trying to write this kind of novel, so I feel like I don’t know as much about the genre.


I was actually thinking about starting my own at this point. If you want to join I’ll send you a link.


Same here.


Genuinely, after trying to write a book myself-anyone who is half decent can earn my respect…it’s really tough even with my IQ of 570056 and killer thumbs for typing


Yes, I would thank you.


Ooh awesome! Why is that?


Hello everyone!


Hey guys, how are you all doing today?


I’m doing okay, how are you?


Honestly? I am conflicted by my friend’s actions towards me… : (