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No great reasons.
I just like fabricating the story which has a lots of mystery involved. Specially a murder mystery. I don’t know I might be a serial killer in my previous birth but I am quite engaged in reading that kind of stuff.

And for romanace, I think it’s because of my age. Cliche much.


I understand how you feel completely. You’re not alone. I started on here couple weeks ago, and i’m just going with the flow. I have found that I published some chapters of my two paranormal romance stories I am writing. I have been afraid to do it for so long, but I figured if I never try then how will I learn anything and grow? Right? =)


Yes definitely just send me a message or tag me in a comment so I know the name of the book you’re writing because I would love to read it. =)


that’s so awesome! I’ll be sure to look on your profile and give you a read! What made you finally want to post?


Well it may sound dumb, but in my home town someone I knew died at a really young age. She never got to do all the things she talked about, and I just thought I could have a bunch of “what ifs” that I don’t want to have. I want to try doing it and not letting fear get the better of me.


No, that’s not dumb at all. Sometimes it takes just the right push to realize our potentials. It took me to be in one of my lowest lows to even consider writing as something more than just a hobby. So kudos to you!!


Thank you! And I understand that completely. I struggle a lot with depression and anxiety. There were times it got bad, and writing and music really helped me through. Well whenever you publish something on here please let me know i’d love to read it. I like to read just about anything other then horror. Have enough anxiety don’t need to read something that may give me more lol :smiley:


I can empathize, in fact, I think a lot of writers experience anxiety and other mental illnesses. I read a lot of Rilke, who talks about anxiety and art and it makes me feel a million times better knowing someone else has felt the exact same thing (and managed to put it beautifully).
And thanks, dear! I mainly write sci-fi/young adult and have one managed to post one story so far. It’s a completed book, but I wanted to get a taste of an audience for it before I pursued publishing. I don’t believe it’s too scary! It’s just about robots, haha.


Well when you do please let me know. I’m always up for reading a new book I haven’t yet, and sounds like something I’d find interesting. :grinning:


Aww thank you! I’ve posted the first 6 chapters just yesterday! It’s called Dead World. It’s the only story I have published haha.


Okay I will add it to my reading list and read it soon.


Aww thank you! I sure will. The name of the story will be ‘perfect lies’


How are you?


What happened?

@ssparklingstarz Ahh I see, well that’s interesting!

@goodekZAMpol I’m doing good, how are you?


They unfollowed me suddenly, ignored me, acted all strange but say everything is fine in public and private when I asked if there was something wrong. :confused:


I’m up for reading tons of new books! I want to explore the talent that hasn’t been seen yet on Wattpad, especially considering that I’m starting out myself


Also finally deciding to explore the community-because I feel like I’ve missed out on a huge part of the Wattpad experience.


There are tons of great stories here that don’t have many reads.


I enjoy writing lots of different genres and even poetry, but for now I’ll be sticking with the horror genre. I wouldn’t be surprised if I dabble around with other things in the future though.


Ugh that stinks. I wonder what’s going on.

@Faithfulpandas Yes! Reading new books is awesome :smiley: and yay for exploring community!

@sulenen Oohhh Horror. I bet that’s loads of fun