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Ahh, if I recall correctly this is also what she is diagnosed with :frowning:

I lost already both my grandfathers, one to cancer and one dual his heart…


Sure, It’s about a husband and wife that are the first dragon riders on their world. The world of Aexerat is a planet where dinosaurs and men walk side by side. The geneticist have created dragons by crossing the huge meat eaters with the giant Pterdons. The story revolves around the first two dragons and their riders.


I am so sorry about your grand fathers. If you need to talk just PM me.


Awh, thank you so much. I appreciate that :heart::heart:


No problem


You already have me interested, your story sounds like it’s going to be amazing.


Thanks, I hope you enjoy it. I update every Friday.


Awesome! Thanks for joining us!


Niceee haha that’s always fun

@TalesWithTana Yes, soon! It’s exciting!




Good morning all


Good Evening :slight_smile:


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But good evening to you.


Same here. Good morning to you. Have a good day.


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Good afternoon! :slight_smile:

I joined a few days ago and uploaded the first 15 chapters of my current WiP (a Harry Potter fanfic).

I was actually writing a fantasy novel (as I LOVE fantasy) but got a bit bored with it along the way, so I started my HP fanfic just for fun and practice. But then I got lost in it and put my fantasy project on hold :laughing:

I will finish the fanfic one first before continuing (or re-writing :blush:) my fantasy novel, but I hope to learn a lot in the meantime! :smile:


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@Writicious That’s awesome! Good luck with the HP fanfic! :smiley:

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