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Sure, Love the Lost is the second installment on a book I wrote. The main characters got separated for almost four years. They promised they would wait for eachother. Once Mc2 finds out that Mc1 is back in town he does everything in his power to find Mc1. Sadly Mc3 (a psychopath) is madly in love with Mc1 and is doing his damnedest to stop Mc2 from getting to Mc1. All kinds of crazy stuff happens and I don’t wanna spoil the rest, but Mc3 does some pretty wild stuff.
Sorry it took so long to write that out. X)


Hey, I’m new to this. What do we do here (plz sum it up!).




Thx, do we talk about books?


We talk about whatever comes to mind.


That’s the bonus of action packed stories. Gives you a lot of wiggle room as far as arrangement goes. I recently went through my story last night and gave it a good fine tuning. Mostly rearranging structure to make it easier on people here. I’ll have to check out your story when it comes out. Sounds solid!


Hey, I don’t mind doing it!


The demographic on this site is significantly younger, so they have
shorter attention spans. It sucks, but I’ve already committed to the
reformatting process.

Trust me, my manuscript is lengthy too, and it grows every time I look at it.
But, that’s why I’m posting in increments of 3- so it’s still chapter by chapter,
even if it doesn’t look like that to Wattpad readers.


What do you think of 2841 word count… still too big?


Well I love paranormal stories so I will read what ever you put on here. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll let you know what I think when I read your work.


I would read a 4k chapter. I’m just relaying what I was told by
some of the others on the threads. I don’t really know what
the set amount is. I guess it depends on genre and your target audience.


Ooooh. Complicated love story.
Sounds good. :slight_smile:


We chat, get to know other writers, can talk about anything that comes to mind. :slightly_smiling_face: hello, I’m tilly. I just joined this month. I write paranor.al romance, Contemporary Romance, YA, and short stories. How about you?


Thank you! Now I just need to advertise it like crazy. X) Talking about my work is the worst thing seconded only to editing. X_X


SaharaDawn gave you a follow! I’ll check out the story when it comes out


Hey, I started a book for people who want to have a mini competition on writing. I read about fantasy and hp. Thx for helping me!


Not a problem. That’s what we do here :slightly_smiling_face:


My challenge I ran into was during the formatting process.
I don’t write in first-person anymore, but it was written back in 2014.
I was doing all my fine tuning with my new-age editing skills,
and I decided I wanted to shift it into present tense.
I got 30k words in and realized I’d slaughtered my manuscript.
That was the heartbreaking moment that almost made me loose it.
So I had to start over, revert it back to the way it was, based
off the changes I’d already made.

I have the first “three chapters” up, if you wanted to give it a once-over.
They’re divided into 1-1.5k slides, so quick reads.
I can’t guarantee it’s in tip top condition, because of what I said up there.
Either way, I’ve got two more days of grinding left in me before I’ll
crash, so I’ll be posting a few more chapters today. :smiley:


Thank you for the follow, by the way. That’s why these
threads are so awesome. Get to meet some really
cool individuals! :two_hearts:


Hey! I decided to go with pure romance after I struggled with mixing two genres. I felt one genre was taking room from the other and I wasn’t sure which I wanted to have more :sweat_smile:

Eventually I decided to keep my scifi and romance stories separate. What genre(s) are you writing?