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I’m pretty bad with the marketing aspect. I prefer helping
other’s, over helping myself. It’s just bad business. :sweat_smile:


Agreed, same here. I am so grateful when people follow me. It’s like THANK YOU FOR READING MY TRASH! (Run’s away)


Sorry guys, still here. Just working on some editing. I will be in and out. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I scared a follower into unfollowing me. I was too elated over their follow.

I don’t know if that’s actually the reason, but it felt that way.
Literally unfollowed me after I gave them an appreciation speech.


Wow, it might have been one of those people who expect you to follow them back. Or wait until you follow them and then they unfollow you.


All that hard work pays off eventually. I understand your pain. I spent about 40 minutes last night revamping things in Domum and then my computer crashed, had to go allllllll the way through and pick out every little thing again.
No problem! If you ever get the time to skim through my story as well and maybe point out some things I’ve missed or just general opinions that’d be awesome. I’m getting a good amount of views and stars just barely any feedback, and that’s ALL I want -_- :rofl:
I’d like to get to know what people look for here and what I could change, leave as is, etc.


It probably was, but I like my story better.
Less diabolical, and more humorous.


Oh my gosh, I have a story I need to edit so bad that is all laughs. X_X I just remembered it exists.


I’ll try. I’m not a very good critic. My real life anxiety carries over
into my computer. I always have this looming feeling that I’m
going to trigger someone. If I were ever the reason someone gave
up their voice, it would destroy me.

But, I’ll do what I can!


Forever trapped in editor-mode.


I really am. X_X That one is so great though. It has almost every moment of my dating life in there. (I am an utter fool when it comes to romance in my own life.) It’s great. X)


No worries :rofl: . I understand that feeling as well. I love to help people yet doing so feels like stepping on eggshells more than it actually is. Thank you so much though!


What is it like being a writer?
20% writing , 30% marketing , 50% editing.

That sounds great, actually. Awkward lives
make the best stories!


That’s the perfect explanation for it.
I can give you all the motivational and inspirational quotes you want,
but ask my to target your work, and it hurts me more than it hurts you.


Feels like 10% writing, 200% editing, and 1% marketing.

They really do. At one point in my life I had two people wanting to date me at the same time. (Being gay it was strange.) One was a girl, and one was a guy. (They both happened to be my best friends.) So having them hate on eachother made me laugh, because I thought they were just fighting over my friendship. Joke was on me since they both wanted to get into my pants. X_X


That actually sounds pretty rough, from an empathetic standpoint.
Hopefully it all worked out for the better.


Ehh, not really. I lost one, and the other I loved. He died a few years later in a car accident. (Que depressing music.) But that was a long time ago.


There, all but the last couple parts are chopped down a bit, ended up adding a part into the mix to accommodate. Last two parts are still a bit longer than I would like but honestly, blah, deal with it. heh. I will keep the parts between 2-3K word count from now on, although it is going to take for ever to get this posted to the site in this manor. wait, manor, or manner… Manner… sorry. Google for the win.


Honestly. I appreciate it though! Like I said, just wish I would get more feedback on the story itself. Cause I’m like, I know how I want it in my head and how I’d imagine it all laid out… but… is that actually delivering to people other than myself


Ah, that really does suck.
My condolences.

Well, I hope your story turns out perfect, then.
For you and your friend. :slight_smile: