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Thank you, but that’s an edit for another day! I am going to take the rest of the day off after I finish this last edit of the story. X)


Honestly, if you’re submitting it for yourself, and because you love your work,
it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, votes are just votes and views are just views.
It’s not a direct reflection of how good your work is.
You’ll get a following that truly appreciates it for what it is,
and those are the people that you deserve.


True enough. I just want it digestible. I have another work I need to get started posting as well but I need to get the ending finished. Blah. So much work so little brain cells awake. Need caffeine.


I know what you mean. I try to run stuff by people, but I think a lot of them
just have that same overwhelming aversion to confrontation and conflict.
My husband’s no help either, since he hasn’t picked up a book in, probably,
fifteen years.


Go get some! I drink way too much caffeine.
Coffee is my addiction.


I haven’t taken a day off in so long.
The life-long grind is real.


Agreed, I’ve been editing 12 hours a day for almost a month. X_X I think I can take one day off.


Oh absolutely. People are TOO nice. And yup my girlfriend is waaaaaay too hesitant to give me critical advice with this :rofl:


My husband made his first attempt at contributing last night.
He read through a couple of paragraphs of some banter with
my main character and a guy named JP while I cooked dinner…
he told me that there was a whole lot of sexual tension between them,
and that he ships them. Not exactly what I was going for.
When you read through it, you might understand why it was funny.
He didn’t know any details about my main character prior to the dialogue.
He tried though, so maybe I can get him to delve deeper.
That’s all a girl can dream.

I’ve been procrastinating for two hours though.
If I want to get another set of three out today,
I gotta get back to work. I’ll be around, though!
Thanks for the lovely conversation!


i’ve gotten so many mixed implications from people I know that I’ve shown my story to.
Good luck with the story!


I am really glad you all are enjoying this thread :slight_smile: it’s great to see so many writers coming together to talk about all things positive (and writing, of course)


Hello, I’m new here. I kind of need help…


I have had that happen to me a couple times unfortunately. Don’t understand why people will do that.


Huh? I’m confused.


What you need help with? I’m fairly new too. Been on for about a month, but if I can help i will :slightly_smiling_face: if I can’t I hope you find someone who can.


Well… I’m rewriting my book but… my whole chapter got removed and I have to start all over and I’ve been working on all of my chapters all spring break and now I’m super stressed because it all got deleted.


So I’m rewriting my first story and I need help with grammar tenses, could you help?


Oh no I’m sorry. That’s why I save mine on a removable disk. So if that happens I don’t need to worry about it. I have it saved else where. Did it get deleted from Here?


Yea I can help with grammar. What’s your story called? Do you have it posted on Here? If so I’ll be happy to read it so I can give you some feedback if you would like :slightly_smiling_face:


How do you post stories on here? I’m sort of a newbie. I just drove in and figured I’ll somehow work it out. I don’t normally ask for help…