A Place For New Writers To Chat



How do you post stories on here? I’m sort of a newbie. I just drove in and figured I’ll somehow work it out. I don’t normally ask for help…


Could you explain to me how this all works perhaps?


There’s usually a place on your profile where you can add stories. I know if on the computer, there should be a place right next to your profile pic when you are on the home screen that says write. You can click on that to do some writing. How long you been on? I know you have to be on foe a few days and have a few interactions before can publish your work


Well… this is my first day. Usually on my first day I interact and see how things work and ask for help on certain things. I honestly just got on a few minutes ago.


Oh ok may have to wait a few days then. I know it was my second or third day I was able to publish a story. Now I have four on here. I followed you for when you can. :slightly_smiling_face: always looking forward to reading more people’s stories.


Can I read yours sometime? I’m a bookworm, so much in fact that I almost got grounded from reading books once :blush:


Oh wow. Yea I’m a bookworm too. Of course you can if you would like. What do you like to read? I have a vampire romance in writing, a paranormal romance, a romance short story about my main character going back to his senior year of high school to get his wife to fall in love with him then instead of years later, and a fantasy adventure story :slightly_smiling_face: if interested can find them on my profile tillystephens on here. It’s all lowercase and one word.


Okay, I’ll see how to do this stuffos, I might get lost though so give me a moment. If I have trouble finding out how this works, I’ll come back and ask.


Ok I’m here. Can go on your profile and check your followers I should be on there. I just followed you. I have a wolf pic as my profile pic.


I was on your profile but… I don’t know how to do anything on it… I kinda just roamed, clueless. :sweat_smile:


Ok if go on my profile and scroll down, it’ll show you stories by tillystephens. One is called 'You Were Always Mine, Beloved Infatuation, Insatiable Craving, and Beyond the Rainbow Mountain.


Okay. Also, are you good at tense grammar? Like present, past, and future tense?


I still don’t see it. Sorry… I don’t want to be a prick in your side but… I don’t really understand.


You are fine. Do you know how to follow someone? Because if so can follow me. It’ll five you notifications on my writing so it may be easier to find :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I am


So… on Wattpad itself or here?


I need to go… bedtime. Can we continue some time?


On wattpad itself. If you click on my profile it’ll show you my picture with follow button underneath. Then underneath that will be my about paragraph, and under that should be my stories I’ve written. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes not a problem. Just write me on here and I’ll answer :slightly_smiling_face: have a good night


I’m back, and alive.