A Place For New Writers To Chat



I’ve been a member of WP since October but am yesterday new to the community. That I never knew existed until I logged on threw my computer :joy:


Lol, I just arrived yesterday.


I read a book and they talked about the Wattpad community which is how I found it.




I guess Fanfiction since most of my stories are fanfic genre.


I finished my first chapter! Can someone please check my grammar on it?? I really want it to be perfect for my first book.


Never mind, lol. Sorry, I just got SUPER excited.


Too true.


It’s ok to get excited. You should about your work. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi humanz!


Hello, hello, hello, Dear Wattpaders! ^^ :slight_smile:

I’m brand new (And when I mention brand new, I mean I’ve joined the Community minutes ago :D).

I have an interesting questions for all: What inspires you to read / write on Wattpad?
Personally, I joined Wattpad the moment I realized the opportunities it gave to all, as referring to writing new stories. I decided to give it a try! ^^ And you? :slight_smile:


What inspired me is my inability to talk to people. I feel like a trap bird and writing makes me believe I’m free. I’m imagining things… Illusion.


Hey, imagination is a great thing! You could achieve so much with it! ^^




Every time I write or read a chapter, I get a new experience. I learn something new.


I was always letting fear get the better of me. I was too afraid to have others read my work. Decided wasn’t going to do that anymore, and wattpad seemed like a great place to start.


Same with me! ^^


Morning or whatever


I like to write romance… but I’m trying to make something different on my story, still need to learn lots of things though :sweat_smile:


I’m bad at writing romance. I make it like the real life stuff, slow, and nobody really likes it I guess.