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The genre I am writing in is gay real life crime and I dont have much to go on in terms of existing material out there.


Eeeeeee, must be hard.


My favorite is fantasy, i find it relaxing to write this genre :v::relieved:


What do you need help with?

@Azmavath Hi! How are you?

@Poamzi48585 Ohh nice! Fanfiction is pretty cool!

@AbsolutelyShesYours Hello!

@kosta10 Hey there! Welcome to the Community! I think being able to make tons of friends on Wattpad through my writing has inspired me because more friends means more reading! Also, when I first started writing I wasn’t sure if I was any good but thought I’d try it anyway and put it on Wattpad haha.


Whoops, had a lil’ hiatus here. I just got back to school so now I have a steadier schedule. LIFE IS TOUGH MAN- and unpredictable.

@newlywrittenbooks Thanks! I’m so excited for exploring the community.


Not a problem! Good luck with school! And you’re welcome, I hope you have fun with it :smiley:


Hello from me! Glad to be in Wattpad! The opportunities it offers are quite unique. Here, one could write with copyright guarantee, as well as read stories for free. What better opportunities to develop skills? :blush:


That can make it little difficult, but I’m sure you’ll do great :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I think it’s great you’re facing your fear. If ever need help with keeping up the motivation and not letting fear get the better of you I can always try to help in any way. :slightly_smiling_face: I know fear can sometimes scare me into wanting to stop, but I won’t let it.


Chick-lit, Romance, Short Story





So far, my favorite genre to write is Mystery, although it is the only genre I’ve tried so far. I have never taken creative writing courses or drama classes or anything like that. In fact, I suddenly thought about starting a book a few weeks ago. Even though I write in spanish, I’ve been attempting to translate my story when I have some free time on my hands.

Been reading some other comments and I find it inspiring how many of you decided to reply, too. Stay cool and go on writing! Might as well check your stories if you want me to :slight_smile:


Mystery is a good topic to write about


I agree 100% Wattpad is great :smiley:

@hottiesoftie Those are great genres!

@TigerGirl110011 Hi!

@Grizzly2198 Hi there! Mystery sounds like a fun genre to write, though I’ve never tried it. Good luck with it!




Hey guys :slight_smile:




What’s up?


Hey there! How’s it going?


I just got back from Taekwondo class and I’m exhausted.