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I just got back from Taekwondo class and I’m exhausted.


Ooh how’d that go?


Hi everyone!


Hey there! How are you?


I always have a blast, but I was tired from work today and then with all the jumps and kicks we do I am now ready for bed.


I am well! Just finishing up some things for a new book. How are you?


Haha certainly don’t blame you there!

@Moosetale22 Ohh nice! What’s the genre of the new book? I am just checking the newlywrittenbooks profile on Wattpad :slight_smile:


If you need a sci fi book for that profile I’ve begun to rewrite Finding Darkness?


We can’t take it sorry. We’re only doing one book per user at the moment.




I believe you’ve seen my finished one before, not sure. That’s thriller. This one is historical fiction. About a boy who rescues a deaf slave girl from a plantation and they escape the country… to keep it vague


Welcome back!

@Moosetale22 Ahhh that sounds interesting, especially with the slave being deaf


How life be?


Thanks! Unfortunately it’s one of those things where I want to spoil to give better context buuuuut there’s only one chapter out right now so i can’t ;-;


It’s been alright! You?

@Moosetale22 Haha I understand that completely


Pretty good. So… I’ve been having a struggle with my book. I feel like I’m making too much action happen and it’s only chapter one.


Hi everyone. I usually write Fantasy and SciFi. Buuuttt…right now I am dabbling in romance with a fantastical twist (Spoiler - the love interest is a demon 0_o)


Dude, don’t spoil a book


Actually the spoiler is pretty obvious when you read my books titile - Boy Meets Demon…So I didn’t really give anything away :smiley:


…okay, fine.