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I’m sure it’ll be fine!

@ThingsUCantImagine Good luck with it!


Oh that sounds Awesome! I love those kinds of books. What is it called? I will add it to my list and read it :slightly_smiling_face:




Long time no see


Lol hey :slightly_smiling_face: yea I have been busy the last couple of days. Been writing, doing a little reading, and out and about with the husband :slightly_smiling_face: what you been up to?


Getting help for my book…


Oh that’s great! Is it going Well? If need any advice can always message me on my profile. I’ll be glad to help if I can. :slightly_smiling_face:


Does this paragraph look good?

I step out of class when the bell rings and start toward my locker to get my things for history. As I walk, my mind wanders to Vylad, Allen, and somethings of my past. All of the sudden, screaming and pounding feet echo throughout the hall. I recognize the screaming as Allen and I quickly go to my locker, open it, throw my stuff inside, and close it, all the while thinking, " Please don’t hurt him! " My brain tells me to calm down and come up with a plan, but I respond with, " I’ll think on the way. " I go off running as someone in the hall yells, “HE’S HOLDING A KNIFE CHASING THAT KID!” Panic swells in my chest as I think, " I don’t want anyone to be murdered! " Sirens can be heard and increase in volume the closer they come, which only makes my fear grow. I slow to a jog with my brain whirring. " This guy has a knife, how am I supposed to fight him off without letting him cut me? I don’t want anyone to see my true identity, " I think. Without knowing, I stop moving and get lost deep in my thoughts. A plan forms in my mind, but I’d have to calculate it PERFECTLY. " I could slam into the attacker and knock them on the ground, but I’d have to get up immediately. Then what? Drag Allen to the girls’ bathroom? All of the other students will have already evacuated, " I let my thoughts venture. A scream snaps me out of them, and I just go with the only plan I formatted. The screams sounds like it’s life-or-death, and then a locker bangs, echoing. " Allen is trapped! No one is going to take over my rein of this school! " I rage and run to where the sound had rung out. When I get there, my heart stops, and I freeze, unable to move at what is happening.


It’s going wonderfully. Well, I got to go, sorry


It sounds good. Is this all one paragraph?


Oh ok well talk later I guess :slightly_smiling_face:


I see you already added it to your list. Thanks :slight_smile: I hope that you enjoy it!


Yes I found it :slightly_smiling_face: sounds really good. Can’t wait to read it.


Knife wielding kid in hot pursuit.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:


Hi guys, what do you think is easier to write: first or third person?




I think third person is easier. It allows me a broader canvas to paint on.
However, I think first-person allows for a sense of more emotional depth.
It doesn’t get any more personal than being inside of someone’s head.

Each one brings easier aspects, to sum it all up.


Thanks for your message,

Do you think it is weird if I am mixing both in the same volume? Let’s say that there is a logical switch.


For sure, overcoming fear is one of the greatest achievements. Still, when it comes to writing, for me, it is more like filling my time with something interesting.


This is the first chapter of my story “The Wilde Family”. Please, tell me, what do you think of it? ^^