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Hey so I’m writing a book and I need to know what is more interesting to read about, is it more fun to read if the main character goes in high school or College? And if you say college then can you still live at home or what?

If you pick one of them can you also explain?






How life be?


meh. hbu


Pretty good except I’m scared that my readers will hate me for the 2nd Chapter in my book if they’re already attached to the character…


what are you going to do to the character that they would hate your for?


Well… that would spoil it. You might read my book later, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt telling you. I got rid of a potential love interest that might be a ship already formed with the MC.


ah I see


But I might not have killed him at the same time. I think idk. Could you read it if you want and tell me if you’d hate me?


which story?


The Tears of a Monster


it’s still the beginning of your story, so I don’t think the readers will be too attached to any characters yet.


Thank God! YESH.


Did you like the twist though? Hehehe


Ah, I see! Yeah, it can be a little difficult. Since I’m not a very “romantic” or emotional person myself, I struggle writing and reading romance stories. But then again, I love Jane Auesten’s books, so I guess if it’s good enough, I might get hooked. But I definitely lack the creativity needed to write romance.

I’m write anything dark. Sci-Fi with a dark theme, mystery, dystopian, similar genres. :slight_smile:


I’d love to read them! I have actually uploaded the first chapter of a new book I’m writing called Head to Head, it’s a teen fiction story based on a girl named Kylie. I’d love it if you could take a few minutes to have a read and give some points on what may need improving :blush:


I love reading stories which involve some romance even if they story isn’t suppose to be a romance genre it just gives a story more drama (in my opinion) :smile:


I agree, I don’t like stories that are just romance, but adding it to others genres can make the story better.


Heyy, thank you so much! Have you got any books you’d like me to check out? x