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Heyy, thank you so much! Have you got any books you’d like me to check out? x


I need help deciding which of these covers I should use for my books.

Shattered fangs version one

Shattered Fangs version one

For the shattered fangs covers:

  • Shattered Fangs version one
  • Shattered Fangs version two

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Now for the Blood of my enemies covers!

Blood Of My Enemies version one

Blood Of My Enemies version two

Blood Of My Enemies version three

For the Blood Of My Enemies covers

  • Blood Of My Enemies version one
  • Blood Of My Enemies version two
  • Blood Of My Enemies version three

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I’m Haruka.


dans ce cas lit le mien de livre tu ne sera pas déçue…




I just added it and will start reading it later today :slightly_smiling_face: sorry haven’t been on in a few days. Was catching up on my reading. Still have a huge pile of books to get to lol


Wow, do you make your own covers? Those are awesome!!!
Wayyyy better than what I do honestly.


Yeah. I make my own covers. I have a shop on wattpad, actually, where you can request free covers, and I make premade covers to sell online.
(The trick for making great covers is finding the right stock photos, and having a good eye for symmetry.)
I use https://www.pexels.com/ for cover images.


Thats fine! So many books to to read myself hehe :blush:


Hey! what kind of books do you write?


Fan-Fiction Books

And Original Books.


Image result for iambic pentameter


Hello everyone


Hi my name is Rosei I’m really into writing poetry and just finished my portfolio for a Susquehanna summer writing program, feel free to message me if you have interest in poetry as well


Hi, my name is ReiMeiRM. I’m pretty new to this and all. :blush:


I love writing science fiction and fantasy I don’t know what it is about the genre ,but I kind of feel at home when I’m working on a story. I dont know if anyone else can relarelate but my family they want me to do all these “fun things” but I am different from everyone else in my family. They say going to dances and group activities is fun. But I never have fun while I’m there I find my enjoyment sitting on my bed working on my stories. It is in my stories that is where I find my enjoyment working with my own imagination.


Hello, ReiMeiRM. My name is Ifti. I am also quite new here.


Hi, I’m Dalzra

I just joined yesterday after reading a few fanfics I decided to write my own

Nice to meet you all!


My favorite genre is actually fanfiction but I love fantasy and scifi as well. I’m a brand new member on wattpad. My only question is my story is stuck in draft mode. How do I make it public? Any help would be sincerely appreciated guys :slight_smile:


Hi fellow new writer!
If you head into the editing part of the story, you can just see a orange button in the top corner (if you’re on desktop) that says Publish on it :slight_smile: