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Yes, I also have seen some fanfiction of this anime. But I haven’t seen it.


Well, when you have time I guess you should try watching it. Currently it has… 3 seasons.


Is there going to be more seasons?




Well… Not yet. But it depends on the money they get from their fans. Thay have a movie though!


Hello there.


They also created a movie! Does the movie have the same name?


Just got here and saw conversations about Boku, gotta say this place is already pretty great.


Just search BNHA movie. It’ll pop out.


Indeed! Do you like anime too?


I do like anime, it’s been a while since I’ve started one but I’ve seen at least a few hundred over the years. Boku’s one of my favorites and I even read the manga which is absolutely amazing.


Thanks. I will check out. We are talking about BHNA for last three days.


Oof, really? I just noticed… :smile:


Well, I’m waiting for the next season (if there will be a next season). I don’t read the Manga because I don’t wanna know the story ahead of time. Except I’m really tempted to! I’ve also seen a lot of anime over the years. What are some of the animes that you’ve seen? Is there any specific genre that you like?


I can totally understand that mindset if the anime and manga are equal like Boku, it does feel like a type of spoiling in a way, but I really can’t control myself and I looooove the story too much to not catch up haha. My favorite anime are probably FMA:B, Kill la Kill, Boku, Steins;Gate, HunterXHunter, Clannad, and pretty much anything from Studio Ghibli with Princess Mononoke being a masterpiece in my eyes that I can rewatch forever and ever. As for genres, I could honestly go for anything. I used to love fighting anime as a kid, but now I’ve realized every genre has gems hidden in them, it’s just a matter of finding them really.


I’ve seen most of the anime you just mentioned now. My preferred gneres are Isekai and fantasy. I also like comedy but I go with pretty much anything as long as the story is nice! Are there any anime that you suggest?


Writing chapters til 2 am is always a fun experience. God I am so tired now but it was so worth it.


Ooh, I love No Game No Life and I binged SAO in a single sitting as well. Isekai can be pretty fun to lose yourself in. Comedy is great! I gotta agree though, if the story is good then any genre can flourish. As of late, I haven’t really seen anything but if you don’t mind really dark themes in an anime I’ve heard that Goblin Slayer is a good one. It gets very dark, but it’s also kind of hopeful as well through that, so that’s nice.


shyly waves


Oh, I can recommend Studio Ghibli movies if you haven’t seen them! My favorites are probably Princess Mononoke of course, Howl’s Moving Castle, and The Cat Returns but Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki’s Delivery Service are all amazing too. I’m just super biased is all.