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Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to easily find new writers who have published their first work on Wattpad in the last two weeks/month? I think it would be a good way to get some promotion for them


Not that I’ve seen. :confused:


It’s a neat idea though. Kind of like “new releases” or “new authors.”


Sign me up. Hintity hint hint.


That would be neat!
If you find a solution, let me know! (wink wink)


I’m one of those new writers. I’ve come out with 12 chapters in about 2 weeks.


I wish there was and I’ve actively tried to find some, simply because I want to show support, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to search for them on Wattpad, just on here :confused:


Who do we ask abut this?


I don’t know, to be honest. Maybe one of the Wattpad Ambassadors? Or if Wattpad has a thread for suggestions?


I just joined about a month ago and have started 5 stories in a month! I guess I wrote almost 20+ chapters. And I know I’m still new but it’s kinda sad that it takes forever to search for my stories especially when it’s a common title.


Ooh what a great idea! Thanks! :heart: I just joined Wattpad last night and published my first-ever story! I would love some feedback, there are two chapters out so far and it’s a psychological thriller story with some dark themes~ If anyone wants a link I’ll post it!


I think it’s great you started this thread. I am currently working on my first book now. Maybe new authors can share there new book here as well as Posting in other forums for exposure.


Here’s a thought. Maybe we could come up with a hashtag that is specific to new authors that we could tag our work. That way when we search for that tag we are finding works that are new. Then in a couple months or so we change the hashtag to something new so it keeps recycling.


Actually, better plan: Use a hashtag like #Under1K if you have less than a thousand reads. Then once you go over that, you could just take the tag back off. So we’d be finding readers that have are relatively unknown. We could even narrow it down further to Under100 or Under500 if we wanted to.


That’s a really good idea


Thank you! Big thing would be spreading the word, but get enough people sharing the tags and I feel like it would be doable


So the hashtag we’re using is #Under1K? I’ll try adding it :kissing_closed_eyes: unless you think it should be 500 or something, I literally just published so mine is definitely under!


I’ll add it on mine as well and we can start there just to see if it even works. I would think it would, we would just be searching for that specific tag to find them. Worth a shot at any rate :woman_shrugging:


very true~ ok see you on the other side!


I tried looking it up and there are a few exceptions but most of the books that pop up are under 1k reads so it’s a start :slight_smile: