A place to find new writers


Awesome, we should probably go out and support some of those undiscovered people then! I’ve been looking for some wattpad books to read so this really works out :kissing_closed_eyes:


For sure! Eventually we may want to create a new thread to advertise it so people know to start looking there. I’m still thinking we should find a tag that isn’t being used at all though, that way we know that the authors are not only new, but active users as well so that we aren’t going to accounts that haven’t been used since early 2000s or something lol


Hmm we could do it by year, like #2018Undiscovered1K or something (just an example)


Ooh that might be good. I just looked it up and nothing is currently tagged under that so we know it’s not in use.


Awesome! I’ll tag my story under that, and we can try to make it a thing


Great! I’ll do the same <3


For everyone who comes to this thread: If you’re an undiscovered writer, tag your story #2018Undiscovered1K (if your story has under 1K reads) and we’ll help each other out with feedback, etc/!


Yup! And chances are it won’t show up right away, we may need to give it a day to get into the system, but then we should be good to go!


This is amazing we can put in our tags on the new books we wrote.


Exactly! I just created a new forum for it as well so it doesn’t get lost in this one. But hopefully this will be a much easier way of finding new works as opposed to reading through multiple forums :wink:


I agree I’m going to add mine now.


Is anyone’s book showing up in the tag yet I don’t know if it is only me that it’s not popping up for?


Don’t worry, the tag isn’t wroking for mine yet the last time I checked (:


Oh okay thank you I just making sure.


I love this idea! I just added the tags to the two stories I’m working on… the #2018undiscovered1k isn’t showing anything yet, but maybe after more time? Thanks for coming up with this idea; I often feel like I’m on an island alone in wattpad world lol.


Of course :slight_smile: and it hasn’t shown up yet for quite a few people, but I believe it takes time and also a decent number of people using the tag before it becomes part of Wattpad’s algorithm. But once it’s there it should make things easier for those of us that have a low amount of reads :slight_smile:


I just started writing! It’s going to be a month soon. Hope someone from here reads my books!
Him & I
Contemporary Love


For those of you not on the other forum, our undiscovered book tag is live and working!!!

Tag your books 2018undiscovered1k

This tag is only for new and undiscovered books UNDER 1k reads. You can use it to find books under that category or to advertise your own. Let’s support one another!


I’m A new writer, I’ve pry had this account for more than a Month, but I have a poem book, and I kinda want a little feedback from people…?


So since we’re in December, will it stay 2018undiscovered1k when we go into 2019? Or will it change according to the year?