A place to find new writers


Not sure yet, I’m kind of seeing how this plays out first and if people do get more reads and votes. I figure we can reassess in a couple of weeks.

I will say that one of my books that only had 3 reads did bump up to 18 with 8 votes on top of that so I’d like to think that’s a good sign :slight_smile:


okay cool, and that’s great! I will try out the tag.


Should you start a 2019 one since we are very close it did take a while for 2018 to show up.


I’m waiting to make sure this one is successful first, I don’t want to start a new one if this doesn’t work out for everyone. So far it seems positive though


That makes perfect sense it seems like it’s growing fast.


I tagged my story with this tag! Hopefully it shows up


I just posted my first story and found this thread at the perfect time!

I’ve posted two chapters and more coming along. Use the #2018Undiscovered1k.
It would mean a lot if you guys checked it out. Thank you!


Hey everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: please check out my story and leave feedback. It’s still new but I plan to update as I gain readers. Can’t wait to read stories from you guys as well :heart:


I’m so happy I found this group! Just added #2018Undiscovered1K to my first story and I’m excited to see if it helps it get read. I’m excited to read stuff from other new others as well. This is a fantastic idea!


I’ve just added #2018Undiscovered1K to my story - just published my third chapter yesterday and hoping to get it more discovered!

Really looking forward to connecting with you all and reading your stories :slight_smile:
Sarah xx


Check this out


Thank you, it would be so fricking welcoming to have reads.


Well that’ll teach me not to check back in for ages


I’m pretty new. I started to write about a month ago. However my book gained reads really quickly so I don’t think I would count. Would I?


If it’s under 1k you’re more than welcome to use the tag. Hopefully it will get you even more reads


Then never mind :rofl::rofl:

Sorry, ignore my message. Should I remove it? I don’t know how this works.


Hello I’m a new writer!


There’s a few people who are over 1k that have it on, I’m not policing it too heavily lol it’s okay. I may be starting something new next month since it won’t be 2018 anymore, this was kind of a test to see if it works for writers to get more reads or not.


Well in that case…

Hi everyone!!! I’m a new writer.

This is my story. It would be great if you could check it out :sweat_smile:



I have some stories on my Wattpad account that are like a month or two old if you want to check them out.


ok lizzy i’ll read your story