A possible project to help people write?


Last year, I had come up with a book called The Diary of a Writer Wannabe. In it, I’d post rant about my progress in writing a novel and I’d include interviews, advice/tips, reviews, and resources. Basically a big writing help book but more interactive & personal. I dropped the project before beginning it due to lack of motivation to write a novel so that didn’t quite go according to plan now did it :rofl:

Recently, just a few minutes ago I decided to perhaps bring back this idea and actually post it on Wattpad. I am, however, still uncertain about how I’d do it.

What do you guys think?

NEW IDEA: How about turning it to a big thread here on the new clubs?

Would you like to adapt this project instead?

I am more than willing to let you use this project idea and me never posting it. A mention that it was mine idea though would be nice to include :slight_smile:


I feel like it could be a community project to help the community. For example, find newer writers and ask them what their first questions were when they started writing, and get older/more experienced writers to give them advice on getting started.
I’m 100% ready to help you however I can as this seems like something I would have found helpful when I started writing for the first time :hugs:


That’s how I imagined it too but then I was like… eh it seems like too much work :rofl:
Thank you, I appreciate it!


@FetchingPenumbra Count me in too, my friend :slight_smile: I’ll help you in anyway I can =]


Thank you!


Sure :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot =]


Idea: Maybe I could turn this project to a massive thread?


Oh yes and we could have questions users would answer, and then the answers would be combined to one big post that would stand out from the rest for easy access! :open_mouth:


Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile: Please go ahead =]


I’ll need to do tons of planning first. I’ll probably do that right here xD

problem is, you can’t offer things like critique/review services outside of the Help Desk, so that will be removed from the original idea.


Will need: Advanced writers willing to offer advice, as well as newbie writers interest otherwise well the thread is pointless.


What would such thread offer?

  • Answers to writing-related questions
  • Personal experiences in writing
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Possible interviews from big wattpad authors
  • Links to helpful books and threads about writing


Something similar to the ‘coding megathread’ like a writing help megathread xD


May change the title since the thread will be less personal :thinking:


How about ‘To Inspire and To Conspire’

Diary of a Writer


Ohh maybe it could have like a main title (e.g. Diary of a Writer) and in each thread there will be a second title (e.g. Diary Of A Writer: To Inspire & To Conspire #1) Ohh and this way each thread will explore a different aspect of writing :smiley:


Possible list of threads:
Thread 1#: The Basics of Writing
Thread 2#: More advanced tools // might change
Thread 3#: Outlining, characters
Thread 4#: Fantasy & sci-fi, world building, laws, magic, etc.


Agree with you :slight_smile:


Now I’ll need people to help out to bring it to life :open_mouth: