A publishing opportunity but I am unsure about it. Please Help


I sent another email to clarify the miscommunication. I contacted the author for mentoring, not publishing. The author has never read my work to want to publish me, and as exciting as it sounds, I’m not naive to believe a publisher will want to publish me without viewing my work first. Furthermore, @PatriciaElliott8 does point out the points of my confusion. The “fit their brand” and “cost of publishing” is what through me off. That’s why I made a thread on Wattpad, I needed help to understand.


First, I’d want it to be clear what you’re getting for the $75. What you want from a mentor and what she’s going to give you might be apples and oranges. She might be charging a $75 reader fee which won’t give you much feedback to learn from. Her feedback could simply be, “It’s not ready for prime time,” which teaches you nothing. So the two of you should have an agreement going in what you’re getting for the $75.

As to the second part, the part you’re concerned about, ask her. Ask her what costs she’s referring to. Don’t guess. If her answer is vague, that’s a bad sign. If she details the costs out, then you can make an educated decision.

But the important thing at this stage is: What are you getting for the $75? And then you can decide if it’s worth it.


First of all publishing doesn’t requires money, thanks to self publishing. The only thing I have spent money is on editing. Covers can be made it’s not hard. Second of all there are many Indie authors out there. They weren’t even on wattpad but they write and sell books. I have self published and traditionally published. You can send your books to publishing houses I sent mine to Limitless and it got accepted. If you go into self publishing let me tell you other indie authors will help you a lot. They have helped me a lot too. All you need is to be on their facebook friend list. I have been writing since last 4 years and yeah when I self published my first book it wasn’t edited I had bad reviews so now as I’m on my third book I have an editor who is going to edit for me and I will pay her the amount only when I’m fully satisfied or we will keep on working on it over and over again.If you are worried about covers there is whole market out there.
If anyone ever asks you for money never give. You can get free consultation even without $75 which will save a lot according to me. All you have to be is connect with authors either at facebook or goodreads. Never pay anyone not even to a traditional publishing house.

If you really want to go with traditional publishing there are lot of publishing houses that don’t want a dime but just good story. I got turned on a lot of times, got too many bad reviews but I have never stopped writing. If you want I can even tell you the name of few publishing houses that I have connected to or my friends are publishing books with. Don’t ever pay a dime from your pocket.


An odd statement. Traditional publishing doesn’t cost money - but self-publishing…does. Money spent for editing is money after all.

It really is. Nowadays the covers for self-published titles are MUCH improved, but you still these those incredibly ugly home-grown covers that really can sink a book. I’m a graphic artist and was a creative director at my own advertising agency. My covers were “good” but the ones I get from professional cover designers like Marc Simonetti are so much better (and well worth the money I’ve spent.

Agreed. There are many in the self-publishing community that are very generous with their time and experience.

In this case, the poster approached the author – she wanted insights from a PARTICULAR person and there is nothing wrong with that author saying, sure we can talk, but my time is valuable so there will be a fee.


I’ve thought of self-publishing but I discovered that it isn’t for me. Plus, the company offering services (I believe you called it vanity publishing) ruined the experience for me. I am content with the traditional publishing route! I know it takes more time, but I’m willing to take my time and succeed the way I want and need too.


Sounds like you’ve done your research – and have a direction - a perfect decision. I hope it goes well.


Thank you