A realistic utopian nation....or world???

What does an utopian society/world look like in a realistic light? I am not certain if I make sense but pretty much the point is that rebels are bad and the government is good. The world lives in an utopian setting but people are not happy with this. I want to make it where the story transitioning from a totalitarian dystopia to an utopian place. Though there are people who still are fond of chaos and destruction. But I kinda need it to make sense. I know it is hard to determine what it would even be like to live in a utopian world, but I still want to know something.

Can a utopian society/world be realistic? Even if a little? The same applies to a dystopia.

For a population to be a Utopia, the population would have to be devoid of cynicism and violent impulses.


Ah, okay.

So, that is how a utopian nation or world could be if they get rid of those things, huh?

Anyone else?


I am thinking about making it into a false utopia.

A realistic utopia i would refer to Demolition man and to an extent the Elf society from The Inheritance cycle or the society of Zalem in Alita battle angel the manga not the movie i haven’t seen the movie

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Thomas Moore kicked off the Utopian genre with his book Utopia about a society by the same name. This was back in Elizabethan era. Although he followed in the footsteps of Plato and Plato’s Republic. The basic idea is speculation. The author tries to construct a stable and just society that is realistic. So realistic is part of the game.
I think the most important thing to consider is birth-rate. If the birthrate exceeds the death rate then population rises to exceed available resources. Then it crashes.
If the birthrate is below death-rate the society comes to an end. So the game is how to juggle birth-rate, death-rate, and resources. The other challenge is to provided for citizen’s needs keeping enough people happy that they don’t get pissed off and overthrow the system.
I don’t know of any countries that fit the criteria. Norway, the Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark may come close but they aren’t living within their means in terms of resource usage. I understand that they have it nice only because they are using non-renewable resources and exploiting cheap labor in other countries.


Interesting. So, the Nordic(I probably shouldn’t say that) nations are close to utopian?

That’s what it looks like to me because they provide for the needs of nearly all their citizens. I believe they’re stable politically and have stable population that is neither increasing nor decreasing in size.
It my book on wattpad I get into qualifications to be an “advanced civilization” This is basically what it takes to be a utopia. I put the criteria in the appendix. I have fun with it. The story has an expedition trying to determine if the society in the story meets the criteria.
Expedition members go around interviewing people about “social satisfaction.”

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Ah, alrighty then.

For a realistic utopian society there has to be some way to prevent people from acting on their baser instincts (greed, jealousy, etc). Police and laws serve that purpose in our society, but I’d hardly consider that utopian. Shared purpose and equal distribution of resources would certainly mitigate some of this behavior, and perhaps in time those baser instincts would fade away. This might allow a society to eventually evolve into a utopia. I think Star Trek is an example of this. Is that realistic? Being optimistic I like to think it is.

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If it’s purely Utopian, there is no conflict. Everyone is happy.

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I think the start o designing a workable utopia is honesty about human nature and working with it instead of calling much of it baser. So the trick is how to make use of greed and jealousy. They are good motivators. If this is done, there might not be much need for police. I think the key is looking at human behavior in evolutionary terms which basically means focusing on sex and reproduction. As I see it greed and jealousy are driven by sex and by the biological imperative of producing and providing for offspring.

Sexual drive is a great motivator. The problem is directing it productively.

Star Trek is utopian but not realistic because it doesn’t delve into the details of how to achieve it. Captain Kirk is a big problem with how he never takes responsibility for offspring he may have left behind in his philandering. And then there is the lack of explanation for economics. How do they determine who gets first pick of the good stuff?

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It doesn’t. Realism and utopia are mutually exclusive. Same goes for realism and dystopia, by the way, barbarism aside.

What you described in the OP is commonly referred to as a false utopia.

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I think I am leaning towards that path with having the nation a false utopia.

Any ambitious fellow (male or female) can create a utopia in his or her vision.

What is one person’s utopia is another’s dystopia.


Ah, okay.


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