A Sub-forum for Spanish speaking writers and readers

Hello everyone,

I’m the creator of the only most active Spanish thread in wattpadwriters. In the six or so months since I made it, I’ve noticed how necessary a dedicated Spanish thread was and is, and how each of our members arrive complaining about the almost non existant space for Spanish speaking writers and readers in the wattpad platform.

There are tons of stories written in Spanish in wattpad, tons of reads and readers and another ton of Spanish speaking writers. It doesn’t make sense for us to promote our stories (written in Spanish) in the designated forums for promotion because, as anything else in wattpad, they’re only thought and meant for the English speaking audience.

We acknowledge that wattpad is a mainly English speaking platform whose majority of writers and readers are united by the English language as a common form of communication. Many of us are bilingual and read stories written in English, but when it comes to promote our stories written in Spanish and connect with Spanish speaking readers, we’re left with very little options in wattpad. Throughout these six months of my thread (linked above) I’ve noticed how the moderators have deleted attempts of other Spanish speaking writers at starting other threads (perhaps meant to discuss an specific genre or theme) and they’ve been refered to my thread as the only way and place where all the Spanish speaking writers ought to be.

As diverse as wattpad is, as many genres, ideas, themes, age groups, sexual orientations, ethnic groups, nationalities, etc there are here, we realize it would be beneficial for all of us, all of the writers in wattpad, to be able to count with sub-forums dedicated to a language in particular. In those sub-forums we’d be able to promote our stories, start threads on different topics and connect with readers of our language.

Please consider this idea in an effort to support the many Spanish speaking writers and readers that are also part of the wattpad family.

Thank you.



I am one of the few german speaking clubs user.
For my language I created the tag #german which makes it easier for german user to find german threads.

If you are not already trust level regular, I could create the tag “spanish” for you, if you want.
Would that help you and other spanish user?
(no amb or associated with wattpad)

A kind reminder that advertising should only be done in #share-your-story thread. You can share your story here-

I agree with this, it would be nice for anyone who speaks another language to have a place to connects and promote stories in their own language.


I agree with this idea. Non speaking-english writers are increasing at Wattpad, and deserve an specific forum to debate and share opinions and thoughts. I hope also that wattpad creates forums for italian, german, portuguese or french writers. All languages must be representeted at Wattpad forums…



Hola!!! Estoy de acuerdo con esto. Si necesitas ayuda con algo me dejas saber. I mainly do my work in English but would love to help Spanish speaking writers as well. I’m wondering if there are even ambassadors who are Spanish speakers that maybe could help sort this kind of things out.


The forums are inclusive of languages. Everyone is welcomed here. You can always make threads to connect with people speaking the same language.

@eliyeda You can have a look at the @AmbassadorsES to connect with Spanish ambassadors.

I’d just like to point out that the clubs are in no way meant to be inclusively English. You can and are welcome to create threads in any language. It just happens that the ones in English are more active since a lot of people speak English as a second or third language.

Creating sub-forums for certain languages seems problematic, as a) which languages will you chose to give a forum to? People will always feel left out. And b) You need moderators to watch them. There’s currently one German Club Moderator for example, she can’t possibly manage a whole side forum all by herself.

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Then, why have moderators deleted threads started by Spanish speaking writers in the last months? They’re always referred to my thread as to have us all in the same place. Perhaps those writers wanted to discuss more specific things, tackle stuff about a literature genre, or some other issue and didn’t feel like doing so in my thread which is pretty general (for all kinds of topics - from personal to professional and back - because, as it is, there is no other place for Spanish speaking writers.

Nobody can’t say this isn’t the case, I’ve seen it myself in the last six or so months. If language-dedicated sub-forums won’t happen because of reasons - whatever they may be, then at least don’t delete other Spanish speaking threads which attempt to start a discussion.


I’m not an Ambassador, but I believe that the moderators never close/delete a thread without reason. There must have been a strong reason for the deletion. You can PM the moderator who deleted the particular thread on Wattpad asking them the reason.
A kind reminder that only the OP (Original Poster) of the thread can ask for an explanation. No one else.
I’m going ahead and tagging @KatherineArlene here as she’s a moderator and will be able to answer your question better :slight_smile:

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There were a few deleted threads, not just one. I haven’t kept track but I do remember them and the members of my Spanish speaking thread do too.

Thank you :heart:

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I am one of the users @Aurora_Madariaga is talking about. At the beginning of this month I opened a thread into the official “share-your-story” category to share stories written in Spanish and it was closed by a moderator saying that kind of thread was not allowed and I was “invited” to use the general threads instead.

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Hey there :slight_smile:

I’m not an Ambassador, so I’ll tag @KatherineArlene to help you :slight_smile: Or you can PM her on Wattpad for more questions.

I went and looked to see if I could find what you were referring to, and it was removed because starting a general share your story thread is not allowed, like @xkaydotx mentioned when your thread was closed. The story requests area is a place to specifically request stories you would like to read.

The thread was not closed because it was in Spanish, but because it was created as a general share thread instead of a request thread. I see you have another thread that was set up as a request, which is still open and fine.

I hope this clears it up! :heart:

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Adding more language threads is definitely something we’re working on. We’ve recently trialled an Ambassador led Help page in German, and Spanish is very much next on the list there.

I suspect previous threads have been removed as they sought to promote stories outside the designated Share Your Story areas, but having a bespoke Share area for other languages is something we can certainly look at.

With time we hope to see more and more language topics and maybe even language specific areas within the Forums. But we need to start somewhere and grow with time. Great to see you championing Spanish in here, and please bear with us as we scale this up. Cheers, Gav


Thank you for your answer and for taking the time to read through this thread.

We’re many Spanish speaking writers and readers in wattpad that would greatly benefit from a language dedicated corner where to chat, share and promote our interests. There are tons of Spanish stories on wattpad with thousands of reads, that on its own shows how important it is to have a space for us. The same goes for writers and speakers of other languages who have found in wattpad a window for their stories. Many of us are English bilingual but that doesn’t mean we write fiction in said language, for as it happens to me, I can well imagine many others also feel they can express themselves the best in their native languages when writing their fictional stories.

Thank you once again and we’ll be looking forward to seeing those language-specific improvements and additions to wattpad come to reality.


On a random note- Have you considered applying for the Ambassadors? You’d make a good one. You are kind, lovely and love to help :slight_smile:
You can have a look at this thread for more info-

Thank you for your kind words! :heart:

It’s something to consider although at this moment I’m busy with some real-life stuff (I’m planning a moving to another city - we’re moving in a month) and trying to advance in my WIP’s 3rd draft so I’m not sure if I’d be there fully to take on that responsability. I quickly read that the next training is in May. I’m afraid by then I’ll be busy arranging our current flat to be given back to the owners and setting in the new city. (I really want to take part in April’s Camp Nanowrimo but I don’t I’ll have the time either :disappointed: ) Maybe I could consider applying for Ambassador some time later in the year or the next one.

Thanks anyway for the suggestion :wink:

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Many thanks, I am another spanish speaking user and would like to have a place where we can share our stories and works in spanish with other people.


@Aurora_Madariaga @ErosIgnem As Gavin stated a couple of months ago, there’s a Spanish ambassadors thread here- Pregunta lo que quieras a los Embajadores

Feel free to ask for any help and the Spanish ambassadors will answer you :slight_smile: