A super agent's opinion about publishing on Wattpad


What a great thing to see from someone so popular in the field! :heart_eyes:


And from what I’ve read - it’s not. Some agents who were asked the question even went as far to say that it wasn’t considered first rights because work is posted to Wattpad for the primary purpose of critique.

Whatever article or blog you want to quote, you only have to look around to see how the industry responds. The fact that every year there are multiple deals for stories first posted to Wattpad, demonstrates it’s a non issue. You can argue semantics, but ultimately it doesn’t matter.


Again, that’s not what I was responding to. I was simply addressing First Rights. Whether you lose First Rights by posting on wattpad, not if someone would publish your story without First Rights after it’s been on wattpad. But I’m no expert on rights so I can only reference what others have said.

Has any short story posted on wattpad ever been bought by a magazine that demands First Serial Rights? That would be definitive proof that you maintain First Rights after posting on wattpad.


That’s great!