A Way To Smile :bluehearts:



I think I just choked on my saliva to stop laughing, which made me have a really weird sensation in my nose. Ok, too graphic huh :joy::joy:


You saw that? Best psychological mind game ever!! (don’t watch the American remake movie… it’s horrible).


A random picture from my memes folder.

Also, don’t watch the live action version of Death Note unless you’re an actual masochist. It’s terrible. Stick to the anime.


I know!!! Its like "why did u even make it into that and ruin such an awesome anime?’ right?


And that right there is a sign that my purpose, however temporary until I go to sleep soon because I work tonight and this thread is flooded and I just kinda give up on posting, has been fulfilled.


Lol thank u for ur contribution!!! :joy::joy::heart:


I didn’t even bothered watching it (which is saying something, since I even attempted to watch the new live-action Fullmetal Alchemist); I just read the plot synopsis and was already going “Bleurgh!” :smiley:


No problem





And yes, I have more than just a variety pack of memes and Love Live gifs.


Ill be happy to talk to u again! :grin:


I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. For now, it’s almost 12:30 PM here, so I should probably sleep so I’m not a tired zombie when I have to go to work.

For any other people who may be swinging by, I hope you have a fantastic day or night, and whether you’re writing or drawing or looking at memes, always do your Rubesty.


I wish I could draw a big heart rn and send it to u :smiley:




Mortal Kombat 11 got announced, so im HYPED! giphy%20(1)vbvbvbvbvb


I’m not sure if this would make anyone smile but I really liked the apt yet accurate description. Here goes nothing:



well I have positivity enough in my poems :slight_smile:


AWW :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Beautiful :hearts: