A writing experiment (not an original idea of mine) V2

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Burning ashes, burning flames
Won’t they let me run away?
If I’m not meant to die
So you’ve just got to let me fly

Charlotte’s verses are stinging, powerful and, by all means, sorrowful. Lacey knows that her friend can’t find her inner peace; she’d like to talk to her, comfort her, make her feel better, but she realizes that she might only make things worse. Therefore, she goes back to bed, even if she’s still captured by those magical verses.

The following day, everyone is reunited in the dining room for breakfast. Charlotte is still sad, even though no-one yet knows why. Jenny keeps being mad at James, in spite of Iona’s and Deirdre’s suggestion of letting it go and stopping arguing with him; all while Kaylee notices that Elizabeth is a little down in the dumps.

“Lizzie, what’s up?” she asks, putting a hand on her friend’s shoulder. Still, Elizabeth won’t turn at her, even when Kaylee smiles and glances at her.

“Nothing serious.” Elizabeth shrugs, leaving her friend confused at her reaction. Meanwhile, Janey is serving tea to everyone, occasionally sighing and groaning as she doesn’t seem to want to do it.

Alex notices her and teases her. “Come on, Janey, stop pouting!” he scolds playfully, causing her to scowl at him. He, however, ignores her and turns to his Earl Grey and chocolate chip cookies.




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