Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



Ah, just a remixed version of a song from a game I play. XD

How’re you doing?


Im good how are you


I’m fine. Just tired from last night. XD


Did you sleep at all?


Yeah. But I didn’t sleep very much. I’m probably worse off for sleeping a little over not at all. XD


You need sleep


Okay i came up with the prolouge but I find it might need more


Okay @JosefinaFAAD and at @Bluescape I made a Google doc and shared it with you all so that way we can talk and I can have you help me without putting it on here. Maybe bouncing ideas off of you two. And have a ng my own idea I can get this story written


I guess so. XD


I’ve met my daily obligation. I wrote half of chapter seven today. I might write more later, I might just finish it tomorrow. XD


Way to go


On it! I’ll check in every now and again when I have a break in class!


If you can’t get into it let me. Know I thought I figured out how to do it by I am told it isn’t letting you edit it. So I might just have to figure something out


Yup. Usin’ Camy as motivation seemed to work. Hopefully I’ll wake up a little more soon. XD


Aww that’s nice


Yup. I might go make myself another cup of tea, even though I had one recently. XD


Sounds good


Yup. I need something to wake me up at least. XD


I think everyone does


Yeah. Probably. I got tea now. Now to find a way to waste time! XD