Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



Good Morning everybody!!




That’s easy to waste time


How are you doing this morning Abby?


How long does it typically take you to review a book? I’m tempted to either open up a contest or a review myself…


It takes me usually anywhere from 10or 15 mins to read a book depending on how good it is and about 10or 15 mins to write it up so I spend 30 to 45 mins on reviewing


typically how long are these books?


Some are short and some are long want to check out I have. A list of books you can go through it and get an idea


do you edit small mistakes or do you just read it and tell them what you think?


This is what I do when I read and review

Remember that these are my thoughts and if you don’t like what I put then suck it up buttercup. I am here to tell you what I thought of a story not be a friend.

Chapter I Stopped at:1

Liked : I am not big on fanfiction but I was shocked by this one. The way that the author did it was different they switched it and focused more on the wandmaker. I find that to be super interesting and the way they did it was incredible as well

Disliked: Nothing

Things That could be improved: Work on editing and making sentences sound better and some what smoother

Would I read more?: Yep I would

The Fine Print
From now on, anyone who requests a review acts under my conditions: If you don’t like the review then you can discuss it peacefully. If you feel there has been a personal attack or a moment of misconduct, state your view publicly and it can be resolved and apologized for if it’s agreed to be in bad taste. If anyone decides to take any reviews or comments personally and use that as fuel for a vicious attack shall be flagged and reported to an ambassador.

Link to story
The Wandmaker’s Granddaughter


Okay…so you typically read a chapter or two and then give a review…and then will you read more if they put in a request?


If they request me. To read more I shall


Okay…I’ve been thinking about it for a while…I kind of want to give back to the wattpad community since I’ve been on the site for so long


I love reviewing I just been busy with my. Son I haven’t had time. I’m hoping to get back to it soon


I just know for me there are certain genre’s that I won’t want to read and I’m hoping that won’t hold me back.


Just add that to the thread like hey I won’t read this type of story. And if you do a payment make sure to add that so people know


I was thinking just a follow on my page for payment


That would. Work


How many would you suggest taking on at a time? Since I’d be doing this for the first time.


It just depends on your schedule. Do you have free time to do it every day to do it on the weekend. I have over a hundred and fifty stories. Three of them I’m hoping to review today three of them are waiting to be reviewed this week and then I have a hundred and fifty that I need to get done. So it just depends on you