Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



I agree with Abby. Depending on your schedule and how you plan to do it, influences how many you take on.
If you wanted to review daily, then no more than three at a time would be best.
If you were doing it through the week, then five to seven would be a safe number. I think.



You two are the best!


Roughly I do about three a day. When I’m not busy once again I’ve been busy for like almost a month so it’s been hard for me to get reviews done. But I also do like 12 to 15 week


Hehe, I just felt like adding my input. XD


I’m glad you did lol


Yeah mine would be weekly lol cause of school and homework


Then just figure out how many you will do a day


I could probably start off with 6 a week and do 2 every 2 days…


That would work


I’ll have to do some more looking into it and make sure I really want to do it lol…I’d hate to start it and in the end decide not to do it


Welp, no problem.


-rolls in-

hello peoples


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That’s true




Hey terry


Hold him down and look


My mum tried that and he wet himself. XD


Put him in the bath and then do it lol