Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



Hows it goin Trail Mix?


I think she’s gonna try to take a better look once he’s relaxed on the sofa tonight.


Dogs will do that when they have mites or when they have an ear infection. He probably just needs drops for an infection. My dogs used to get those once in a while. It’s common.


Hello everyone how was your weekends?


Jump him lol


hello! It was good…wbu?


Mine was nice and relaxing. :slight_smile: Thank you.


Yeah, I reckon he’s got a slight infection or something since he doesn’t seem too bothered and he’s the kinda dog to sit and cry if anything upsets him. XD


My weekend was fine. Going pretty swell till my brother forced me to go to his party at Chuck E Cheese’s
( ._.)


I have no idea how he’ll react if someone does that. XD


That’s good!


I do it to my dog when I go home. I wait till he’s lying on the couch relaxing, harming no one, then I pounce and then give him lovies…


Lol I’ve spent many a birthday party there. Not mine of course lol. Used to like chasing all the kids around in the ball pits. Muahhh


Haha I did that too, then chase each other around the house


Ah, do something like that to Marley and he’ll get too rough. Battered by big paws or lightly bitten in the excitement. One of them will happen. XD




Hai Abby! :slight_smile: Hows writing going?


Good I have the prolouge done. Gonna. Try and write a. Chapter a day


Oh nice congrats! :o I’ve been brainstorming for my band idea or I have the beginning ready. I might work on some of both my ideas a little bit later today at my grandparents - their picking me up since my appointment is tomorrow.