Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



Hey! Did you get anymore sleep?


I got a little bit more sleep. about 06:30 to 10:00. That’ll do. XD


Yeah that’s usually what I do anyways XD


So I take it they’re taking you to the appointment


Haha, yup. Hopefully tonight will be better.


Good luck! xD I woke up in the middle of the night too but ended up falling back to sleep eventually. With a few tossing and turning.


Oof, I rarely manage to go back down if I wake up. XD


I was really tired lmao


So was I last night! But it still took friggin ages! XD

Ah, at least I’ve not got anything to wake up for. So, I can sleep in. XD


Ugh so raincheck I guess I have to reschedule the appointment since I can’t pay the fee to get in, and I wasn’t told this until just now because my sister is stupid.


XD True. I slept in till noon lmao


Oof, would’ve been nice to know that in advanced…




During the week I wake at 10-11 and during the weekend I wake at 12-1. xD


Exactly. I have everything ready to go to my grandparents tonight and they couldn’t have told me that earlier? And none of them are willing to help pay my way in so we can do this sooner rather than later and I’m honestly pissed.


Hello :slight_smile:


Oof I wake up at noon on most days xD


Yeah. If you knew at an earlier date you might have been able to do something about it by now. I guess people are just idiots sometimes.


what is the latest you have ever stayed up? I think that I stayed awake for 32ish hours literally binge watching any series I could find


I only wake up slightly earlier during the week because I’m woke up. If no one wakes me then I can sleep in till around 4. xD