Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



My sister just thinks she runs the show and everyone just lets her. It’s getting ridiculous honestly.


I’ve been up for 2 days before lol


What do you need to pay for exactly? I see you have to change your appointment, sorry to hear that.


Ooof same though it matters how late I stayed up.


Yeah. Family members can be like that though.


That’s a bummer how are you supposed to pay the pee pee if you need to be able to work because of you and you can’t work until they figure out what’s going on with you




It’s like an initiation fee because it’s for a specialist I think.


I can do it on just a regular nights sleep. XD


Idk I guess my sister is filing for financial aid but I didn’t know she was doing that. I don’t get told anything.


Sometimes I can do it and other times I can’t. :woman_shrugging:


The most I’ve ever stayed without sleep was 4 days lol I looked like the walking dead XD more like the sitting dead since I could barely move lol


It just happens naturally. XD
I stay up all night more often then sleeping in though. XD


I know that this is rly random, but I hope that you have a nice day or had a nice day bc u are all beaut.

cringy ik XD


Well that’s stupid. Sorry I don’t see why you have to pay for that.


Awww! hugs random beautiful person


:joy::joy: I’ve probably gone 3 days before in my younger years. I had a group of friends that we would just do all nighters all the time playing ToonTown Online and then we’d stay up chatting on Skype lol


Same. XD I’m more of a nightowl than I am a dayowl.


For me I was writing my thesis and designing my graduation collection haha…


I am neither a day, nor night owl. I don’t like sleeping, I don’t like being awake. XD