Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



I shouldn’t have to is the problem. They are a hospital. They are supposed to help people not expect a fee.


Ahh yeah I can see how you would stay up for that lol


Oooof. I feel like if I sleep then I’ll miss something xD


If I’m asleep I miss something. If I’m awake I’ll have to do stuff. XD


I find it really weird because I enjoy my bed but I am most productive just before I go to bed - I organised my bookshelf into rainbow order- I literally do the most unuseful things


Makes the hospital sound shady…


True. XD That is very true.


It really does. ;o I thought it was ridiculous when they said there was an “initiation” fee. Like really? For a heart appointment?


That’s adorable! I totally get that. Most people feel productive right before going to be lol


Gasp Rainbow order! Nooooo… It’s gotta be alphabetical! XD


Who’re you giving the money to?


There is no winning… XD




I guess the doctor? I’m not exactly sure actually.


Winning? In the real world?


Yup. Apparently it’s real.


Is it really? XD Cause I’m constantly feeling knocked down.


Well, the fact you keep getting back up is proof of not losing just yet! >:D


Meh I’ve thought about giving up a lot. xD


Thought about it, but haven’t done it. XD